"So I guess the rumors are true, Jimmy. Your dad does live on campus."
— Gary Smith

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A Little Help is a storyline mission in Chapter 1 of Bully.

A Little Help
A little help
The Hobo offering to teach Jimmy fight moves.
Location: Boys' Dorm
Time(s) Available: Before Curfew
Reward: Left uppercut
Unlocks: That Bitch
Defend Bucky

Mission Summary

Gary Smith is picking on Pete in the Boys' Dorm common room, when Jimmy enters. Gary starts picking on Jimmy, but is told to cut it out. The two begin fighting, but then Gary backs out and apologizes, and tells the other two that he has a plan for some "fun", and that they're going to go 'torment someone really helpless'. Pete is at first reluctant to go, but Gary teases him, offering him a kiss if that's what he wants, and Pete then gives in, after telling Gary to shut up.

The trio exits the dorm, and Gary tells them that a Hobo lives on campus. The three run to the parking lot as Gary and Pete go back and forth, Pete claiming that harassing a homeless man isn't exactly fun, Gary retorting that Pete should be happy he isn't the victim for once. The three arrive at the old school bus and pass through to a clearing consisting of a small tool shack and an old mattress.

Pete tells Gary he isn't very nice, and Gary shoots back that Petey is a loser. The two begin arguing, when the Hobo jumps out and scares them. He throws a brick at Gary, and he and Pete run off, but Jimmy stays. The Hobo threatens to kill Jimmy, but Jimmy doesn't believe him and instead challenging him, earning a laugh from the Hobo. He is impressed by Jimmy, and tells him that if he brings him a transistor for his radio, he will teach Jimmy army fighting moves.

Jimmy finds a transistor on the roof of the auto shop, and brings it to the Hobo. The Hobo, true to his word, teaches Jimmy the uppercut. After Jimmy learns it and is leaving, the Hobo tells him to come back any time he has a transistor for another lesson.

Video Walkthrough

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 06 Save Algie-004:28

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 06 Save Algie-0

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