"What is wrong with just chilling out 24/7 not like I'm missing anything." - Aaron Glenn

Aaron Carson Glenn
Birthday March 13 1989
Aliases None
Eye Color Dark Orange
Hair Color Brown w/ blond tips
Height 6'2
Weight 135lb
Clique Bullies
Status Follower
Gender Male
Family Amanda Glenn (Mother)

Mike Glenn (Brother)

Kelsey Glenn (sister)

Rival Nerds
Affiliations Bullies
Kissable Yes
Missions The Setup, Defend Bucky
Creator Lilww3

Character Description

Aaron styles in an afro which is tied into two pom pom facing down and wraps it around with a school colored headband, wears piercings and a school polo with a vest on top, sports blue and white Jordans.


Aaron lived a rebellious life and wanted to "ignore the man's rules", this started during his time at middle school and it branched into his high school life unlike his spoiled sister and He sneaks out past curfew and causes a lot of fights with Mike and Kelsey either breaking them up or getting involved. He enjoys music but mostly Punk rock or Inspirational rap. But about 65% of his time is dedicated to chilling out.

Home Life/Background

Similar to his siblings he grew up pretty happy until middle school, where he went into his rebel phase. When his family moved this "phase" has gotten worse and led him to hanging out with the Bullies who he considers his "Brofamily"


Everyday: a school polo with a vest on top, Khaki pants and sports blue and white Jordans.

Winter: He wears a blue hoodie and puts the school polo over it and changes his khaki pants to blue jeans while wearing the same tennis shoes.

Casual: A button up plaid shirt, grey jeans and white tennis shoes.

Gym: Wears knee length shorts and a Bullworth T shirt with his grey tennis shoes

Halloween: He puts on a Ghostface mask and a black shirt.


Aaron Glenn/Character Sheet


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