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"Bullworth Academy sure isn't how daddy said it'd be."
— Addison

Addison Stephanie Brooks is an Original Character created by SodaCat.

Addison Brooks
Addison SC
Aliases - Addie
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Clique Preppies
Gender Female
Affiliations Thatcher Vandergeld III - Fiance & Best Friend
Yadriel Cruz - Boyfriend
Creator SodaCat
Addison signature sc
Addison Stephanie Brooks

Character Description

Small and thin, Addison is quite possibly one of the least threatening students on campus. She wears her mid-length blonde hair down and has light brown eyes.

Around school, Addison wears an Aquaberry sweater vest over a white blouse and an Aquaberry skirt, along with her school knee socks and Mary Janes. In the winter, she swaps the white blouse for a white turtleneck and the knee socks for white tights. Additionally, she adds in a pair of Aquaberry earmuffs.

Slightly tanned from summer trips to Los Santos, it's not uncommon for students to compare her to a Barbie doll. To be completely honest, she's probably about as nonsensical as a doll.


It's safe to say that of all Bullworth students, Addison is among the least threatening and hostile. Sweet, if not rather ditzy at times, she sails through her time at the academy socializing within a small group of friends and doing her best to stay out of trouble and not become involved with it in any way. Rather than snitching on other students, she prefers to simply get away from any scene of trouble.

The youngest of four, Addison has spent her life babied and pampered by both her parents and her three older brothers. That didn't change when she met Yadriel Cruz, the type of boy her parents would faint if they saw her with. The two began a relationship, hidden from her parents, under the blessing of her formal fiance and best friend Thatcher (who was never interested in marrying her as his orientation is homosexual).

Home Life

Born into a family containing three older brothers, the youngest of which being already ten years older than her, Addison has spent the entirety of her life being cared for and loved.

Never having had any sort of reason to so much as argue with any of her siblings, Addison spent her years prior to Bullworth simply minding her manners and smiling at strangers.

It's safe to say she was very confused when she arrived at Bullworth Academy.

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