"Honestly, I hate the way I look."
— Adelaide

Adelaide Jones is a sixth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.

Adelaide Jones
Beverly Cooper
Birthday April 20th, 1988
Eye Color Achat Gray
Hair Color Chocolate Brown
Height 5'5
Grade Senior
Clique Nerds
Gender Female
Hometown Leeds, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Main Hangouts Library
Creator Westside JDM


Adelaide has chocolate brown hair, with achat gray eyes. She looks a little on the frumpy side

In normal weather, she wears an outdated gray and white vintage dress, with gray stockings, and black Mary-Jane sandals and gray bows in her hair. She also has turtle shell glasses

In the winter, she wears a heavier white dress, with a white long sleeved cardigan.

For Halloween, she dresses as a queen.


Adelaide isn't too confident in her looks, and she wishes she was better looking, but doesn't know that she can't really help her unattractiveness.

It is hinted that she has aspergers syndrome, because she tends to rant and ramble about many subjects she's interested in, and she lacks social cues.

Typically when she speaks, it's almost always about her problems and her needs.

Lastly, she's a little bit of a spit talker.

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