"Death doesn't frighten me at all, it's what I'm dying for that truly matters."

Akara is a female character to be featured in my new upcoming series. She is Cambodian born.


Akara is Cambodian and as such is a very pretty Asian girl. Her looks can often be deceiving as she is also a dangerous and lethal smuggler, and it is advised to not take her lightly. During many uprisings in China, Vietnam and other neighboring countries she has travelled a lot, and has many scars on her body to prove of such experiences. She has hazel eyes, slim build that has allowed her to be flexible, and medium length black hair. On her left eye lies a scar from a previous engagement with lethal opposition.


Born in Pursat, Cambodia Akara grew up very poor and having to fight for herself from a young age. Over this time she has grown up tough, but also using her good looks to confuse her otherwise deadly opponents. Before coming to America she had grown to become a smuggler at the age of 15. Where her employers, using the term lightly, had forced her to smuggle contraband across the border into China, or Vietnam. To further fuel the uprisings in Asia. After becoming accustomed to it she has had to leave her home after her parents murder and seek new acceptance in Liberty City, to follow her contact that she feels had been responsible for her parents death.


Akara is very persuasive, sneaky, and a very good liar. She has a witty sense of humor and is very upbeat and exciting. She also isn't afraid to use her good looks, and charm to confuse her enemies and use them against other opponents or even, at times, against themselves. She is very lethal and dangerous despite her unimposing size. She speaks English very well, and is very flexible. Akara is known for much of her sarcasm as well.

FIB Profile

Age: 28

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 115

Belief: Christian

Notes: Known for killing a major crime boss in Beijing. Smuggled weapons into as far as North Korea. Has looked for her parents killer without precedence.

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