"I wonder who keeps making my pens blow up in my face, and who keeps breaking my chair."
— Albert

Albert Silacci is a fourth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. He is the main antagonist of Life as a slave to a teacher.

Albert Silacci
Albert Silacci
Birthday August 10, 1972
Eye Color Sky Blue
Hair Color Havana Black
Height 6'4
Grade None
Clique Teachers
Status Government Teacher
Relationship Status Married
Gender Male
Family Maya Robinson - Wife
Taylor Silacci - Oldest Daughter
Samantha Silacci - Younger daughter
Juliette Silacci - Younger Daughter
McKayla Silacci - Youngesr daughter
Hometown Cape May, New Jersey
Nationality Italian
Affiliations Amanda Robinson - Wife
Creator Westside JDM


He has Sky blue eyes with Havana black hair, he is also tall, standing at a height of 6'4, he also has a stubble. He is a liked teacher among the girls of the academy, because they think he is a total stud, and they all are attracted to him.

He wears an outdated 70's jacket, with a white T-shirt, blue jeans and converse sneakers.

In the winter, he puts on a winter coat, and black gloves.


Albert is a general dick to the less popular students, choosing to fail them, just because they lack friends, and aren't popular. The nerds have frequently confronted Albert on his corruption, and he does not listen to them.

At home, he treats Taylor, Juliette, and McKayla like princesses and ignores Samantha, He frequently fails Samantha in his class, and he also leaves her out of things, but Samantha ignores Albert's actions.

He does not know about Samantha's friends, who are the students that cause his pens to explode in his face, the obscene graffiti written on his board, why his chairs are always collapsing, the mean spirited prank calls, and other things. He claims he will get to the bottom of it, but he never does, because he's too busy buying new chairs, new white boards, new pens, and changing his phone number. He often claims when he finds out who the people who mess with him really are, he's going to have them expelled.

He treats Samantha's other friends like absolute shit too, just because they are friends with his least favorite daughter.

When he's near his boss, he sucks up to him, and acts like nothing is going on in his class, when in reality, Mr. Silacci is probably the most corrupt teacher in the school, next to Mr. Hattrick. Since he only passes the popular students.

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