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"I pulled a lot of shit back in the day. I pull a lot of shit now. What's your point?"
— Alex

Alex Drake is an Original Character created by SodaCat.

Alex Drake
Alexander Drake SC
Eye Color - Green
Hair Color - Light Brown
Height 6'3"
Clique Skaters
Gender Male
Hometown Bullworth
Kissable No

Character Description

Alex has light brown hair and a green eye. His other eye—the left one—is clouded over and mainly white, as he is blind in it as a result from a dog attack.

Alex is among one of the few members of the Skater crew who actually bothers to a degree to wear his uniform. He wears a white button down with a Bullworth crest over dark washed blue jeans, with a purple flannel tied around his hips.

In the winter, Alex wears a navy blue coat over his usual outfit and a dark purple beanie, along with black leather gloves.


As a child, Alex was pretty hyperactive. His parents had to constantly keep an eye on him or else risk he get into trouble. As a result of this trait, Alex got himself into a lot of sticky situations—his most memorable being one occasion in which he riled up a neighbor's dog so much that the dog attacked him, blinding him in his left eye and leaving a scar over it. However, Alex insisted his parents not take legal action against the neighbor, and ended up adopting the dog himself four years later.

His love of getting himself into dangerous and completely avoidable situations carried on into his adolescent years. It's safe to say that when Alex isn't doing something stupid, he's not quite sure what to do with himself.

Home Life

For the most part, Alex lived a pretty normal life in the more middle class area of Old Bullworth Vale. He rode his bike on the edge of the Bullworth dam in the spring, jumped off the Old Bullworth Vale bridge into the lake in the winter, and scaled City Hall at dawn in the summer. You know, normal teenager stuff. His parents sent him to the academy because, well, it was round-the-clock surveillance... supposedly.

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