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This character sheet was created by Silkvale

Biographical Information

Alex James Thompson

  • Alex - Defender of men
  • Leon - Kingliness
  • Thompson - Son of Tom

Certified Birthdate: August 18, 1988

Age: 18

Gender: Male


  • Type 523 - Alex's chance out of 1001 in being featured in a story.

Family and Culture

Alexander Thompson

Alex's dad. He is a caring man, who will do anything for his two sons, if there's somebody bullying his youngest son, he will personally go to the school and make sure the bully faces the harshest punishment below suspension.

Nicole Abott

She is a loving woman, she loves both her sons, and wishes for both of them to do well in school.

Felix Thomspon

Alex's youhger brother. He is a respectful boy.

Dominant Descendants


Distant Descendants


Physical Description

Hair color: Sienna Brown

Eye color: Nogaro Blue

Height: 6'1

Weight: 175 lbs

Figure/Build: Tall and Muscular

Piercings: Ear Piercings

Frequently worn jewelry: None

Health Information

Physical Ailments/Issues: ADHD

Addictions: Marijuana

Why? Alex is a stressed person, and he needs something to help him get his mind off of his every day stressors

Any regular medication taken? None

Chronological information

Profession: Mechanic/Student

Likes: Cars, Work, Motorcycles, Helping people out

Dislikes: Homework, Bullies, Corruption

Goals/Ambitions: Race car driver

Weapons/Equipment: None

Personal Information

Personality: Helpful, Friendly, Funny

Strengths: Honest, Loyal, Easy to get to know

Weaknesses: Complains a lot, Occasionally quick to lash out

Good Habits: Never lies, Always gets work done, always keeps his promises

Bad Habits: Quick to lash out at those he's rivals with, Loud

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: None

Stereotype: Classified

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