"I..I don't get it, he doesn't have to be a pardon my language asshole." Alex White on Ryan Irvin. Alex White is a supporting character in the Michael Diaz series. He is a close friend of Michael and is a year younger then him.


Alex White was born in Vice City growing up with a lone father. He is an only child growing up with his father. He didn't get out much so he didn't really get out much like Michael or Ryan. So he is nervous around people and going to different places. When he was 13 his dad got a job at Bullworth and instead of being homeschooled like he was before he went to the Academy.


Alex is really small unlike Michael or Ryan who are both drastically bigger then him. He stands at 5' 2 112 pounds. He has long black hair, he has no tan at all unlike Michael or Ryan. This could be due to him not getting out much.


He is incredibly smart knowing his math, science, History, and English truely by heart. Apart from that he is shy around others mostly because his father would not let him socialize with others. Until now. He is mostly relieved by Michael Diaz when they first meet and becomes more and more social as the story continues. He like a few others are afraid of Ryan Irvin. He does not understand why Michael is not afraid but soon learns of his fighting styles and starts calling him, "badass without a cause".


Michael Diaz: Michael is Alex's closest friend out of everyone in Bullworth. He understands what Michael goes through and since they're both smart they get work done faster when they work in collaberation. He views Michael as someone to be afraid of if you're his enemy.

Ryan Irvin: If there was someone that he strongly is afraid of and scared of it would be Ryan. This guy has bullied Alex without mercy. He is also interested into what would happen if he fought Michael since he thinks Michael would destroy him easily.

Levi Penter: Alex used to be afraid (as was Michael) of Levi. He just seemed like a creepy kid that laughed at the pain of others. Then he realised just who Levi really was and the two later befriended each other.

Evanna Lovegood: Alex thought she was a quirky kind of person. Pretty much like everyone else, When Michael discovered just how nice and understanding she was then they became friends. He is the only one who knows about Michael's little crush on her.

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