Alexis Monroe
Alexis Monroe
Birthday June 5, 1990
Aliases - Alex
- Lex
- Lexi
- Monroe
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'2"
Weight 107lbs
Clique Greasers
Gender Female
Family Jim Monroe - Father
Affiliations Peanut Romano - Best Friend
Johnny Vincent - Crush
Piper Harrington - Roommate
Creator SodaCat
Alexis Nicole Monroe
"Ah, Bullworth. How do I explain it? It's like a spa trip, only f**kin' terrible."
— Alexis

Alexis Monroe is an Original Character created by SodaCat for the fanfiction Bullworth Nights - Style.

Character Description

Alexis has long, messy blonde hair, and green eyes. She typically wears somewhat heavy eye make-up.

She wears the standard girl's uniform for her first week or so of school and then switches out the skirt and knee socks for jeans and a leather jacket over her school blouse.

In the winter, she simply zips up the jacket and swaps the sneakers for Hinterlands. Additionally, Alexis wears black fingerless gloves, and a dark blue Bullworth beanie.

Her pajamas consist of a navy Bullworth tank top, and gray gym shorts. She is barefoot when in pajamas. For Halloween, she simply wears a hockey mask and carries a bat.

She is underweight and thin, mainly as a result of having more or less crappy lifestyle habits such as excessive drinking, smoking, and lack of eating.


Raised without a lot of supervision and little to no impulse control, Alexis has a tendency to do pretty much as she pleases. She tends to keep to herself, and only really goes out of her way to socialize with her friends.

Around other students, her sense of humor is a little dry and bordering on the mean side, though she's not trying to be nasty necessarily.

Having spent a good chunk of her life living with parents who were too busy for her, Alexis has developed a number of bad addictions. She acts out, to put it simply, mainly to get her parents' attention.

Home Life

Alexis was born in Algonquin in Liberty City to Lilian and Jim Monroe on June 5th, 1989. At age four, Lilian and Jim divorced. Lilian, in order to make space for her new boyfriend, promptly kicked out Jim from their penthouse apartment causing him to relocate to Bullworth, New Hampshire where he began the Yum Yum Market chain in Bullworth. Shortly after, she sent Alexis off to live with him after a fight between her and her boyfriend in which the boyfriend claimed he did not wish to play a fatherly role in Alexis' life.

She has somewhat strained relationships with both Lily and Jim though Jim tries significantly harder to improve the relationship. Lilian sees Alexis mainly as a pull over Jim, and uses her as such--during Alexis' freshman year, Lilian demanded Jim send Alexis to live with her and threatened to begin a custody case were he to refuse. Ever one to avoid conflict, Jim complied.

He put his foot down one day when he came to Liberty to visit Alexis, only to find the apartment empty with neither Lilian nor Alexis anywhere to be found, and while taking a stroll through the city found Alexis being booted out of a club with her friends for being underage.

She is childhood friends with Johnny Vincent and Peanut Romano.


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