This page is for a fanfictional character's quotes. This page is not to be confused with an actual Bully character's quotes.

Alexis Monroe is a character created by SodaCat.

Wandering Around

  • Man, I hope that project wasn't due today...
  • Man, why does he always gotta try and talk about feelings?
  • I knew I shoulda stayed in Coventry today...
  • This place sucks.
  • Who would even wanna own a bridal shop?
  • Sure hope Johnny doesn't see that scratch in his bike.
  • Gotta hit up the bike park with Peanut soon.

Watching A Fight

  • Kill each other!
  • Come on, man up!

Knocked Out

  • (Strained) Peanut...
  • God damn...

Out of Breath

  • gotta quit smoking...

When Fighting

  • Quit messing!
  • Alright, let's go!

When Fire Alarm Goes Off

  • Peanut!


Good Terms

  • Yeah, what's good?
  • Hey.
  • Hey, what's up?

Bad Terms

  • Do I look like a welcome wagon?
  • Beat it, kiddo.

Saying Goodbye

Good Terms

  • Yeah, well, I gotta go. See ya.
  • See ya later.

Bad Terms

  • I'm outta here.
  • I don't need this.
  • Quit trying so hard.

When Flirted with

Good Terms

  • I was hoping I'd see you today...
  • Yeah, alright...

Bad Terms

  • As if, dork!
  • You, with me? (laughing)
  • (Laughing)

When Stink Bomb Explodes

  • Aw man! (followed by gagging)

Bottom Pinched

  • You want a screwdriver in your eye?
  • Watch it, twerp!

Hit by Dead Rat

  • Aw hell no!

Other Characters on Alexis

  • Tad: I can't believe Mother and Father associate with that Monroe girl's father.
  • Melody: Those greaser boys are always going in and out of Alexis Monroe's dorm, it's so annoying!
  • Ms. Danvers: Dr. Crabblesnitch would like to remind Ms. Monroe and Mr. Romano that sneaking off of campus after curfew is strictly forbidden.

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