Comments While in Freak Show

  • Cruel twist of fate caused me to lose everything. One day I was fine, normal, and healthy! The next I was dying, slowly, surely. I didn't know at first, but I was.
  • There was nothing I could do! I saw legions of doctors and specialists! The best that money could buy! Money was not an issue, not with my parents being who they were.
  • They couldn't nail it down! My body was wasting away! Eating itself! The first one, I lost seven pounds! The month after, I lost fifteen! Heh heh heh, people would compliment me on my new diet; asked me how I managed it!
  • They were a steady stream of doctors. Time past, and I continued to waste away. I had a two year old at the time, a boy. He would need a new wardrobe every few months. And so would I.
  • My ability to work shriveled and died with my body. Friends would no longer come over. Jane would spend longer and longer time away from me. I would be alone all day, alone and dying.
  • Skin and bones... skin and bones. A prion disease, some said. A rare cross-species transmission others said. Too much hunting elk, hahahaha--(interrupted by coughing).
  • Maybe it's the dreaded ‘C’ word, some doctors suggested! But nobody knew. Tests were inconclusive. Nothing could be found! They drained blood, sucked samples, and I continued to die!
  • Over time, everybody left me. Slowly, but surely; even family, those you would do anything for drift away. Who wants to be around a dead man?
  • Nowhere left to go! Nobody would take me! I was a freak! So close to death! But unable to let go! Nobody would take me, except other freaks!
  • Sometimes, I miss my friends and family. Mostly, I don't think about it. At least I get to sit here and talk to random, uncaring strangers who are here to look at the freaks.
  • A medical wonder, they told me! Still, once the money run out, I wasn't nearly as interesting a case for the doctors anymore. Strange that, don't you think?!
  • Of course the worst was inevitable! Can't say I blame her, or any of them really. To be honest, I don't think I would've stuck around myself, either! Easier to just forget.
  • It definitely gives you a whole new perspective on life, losing everything like that. Gives you a wonderful clarity of mind, that's for sure.
  • The guys at the office started a pool, to see when I’d kick it! Hehehehe, no one won that yet, I guess! Though for all they know, I could've been dead for years now!
  • Keep that in mind! You think I'm the freak, and you are right! But once, I was like you! Secure and confident that nothing could go wrong until one day, IT DID!
  • (Deep inhale, followed by coughing)
  • (Deep inhale, followed by slow exhalation)
  • (Deep inhale, followed by noisy exhalation)
  • (Deep inhale) Mm, yeah!

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