"Why does everybody hate me? If they hate me, I hate them"
— Alyssa San Lorenzo
File:Alyssa San Lorenzo- New Rendition-0.png

Adopted by MichaelDiaz101

Character description

Unlike Audrey, Alyssa has black hair and brown eyes, but wears glasses.

She most likely wears the standard prep uniform with white stockings; and black Mary Janes. She also wears a black bow tie in her hair at all times of the year.

In the winter, she simply exchanges the stockings for white tights, and uggs, along with a leather jacket, black gloves and a blue beanie.


Alyssa is a spoiled girl who always gets what she wants. At times, she tends to wander to the auto shop and start things with the greasers and gangbangers; This means that on some days of the week; Audrey has to stay with her so she doesn't get hurt by the gangbangers and greasers.

If there's something she wants, she simply annoys somebody into getting/doing it for her; because if she doesn't get her way, she'll have a big fit. Many people say that her and Gary Smith are secretly friends, but this remains unconfirmed.

In a Christmas special, Alyssa shows her true brattiness by ruining Christmas a sixth time in a row.

Character History

Alyssa lived a wealthy life in New York with her parents, but she was quite the spoiled girl, she got anything she wanted where she wanted it, how she wanted it and when she wanted it.

Her parents were tired of her constant temper tantrums and misbehavior, so they sent her to Bullworth to live with her cousins Audrey and Paige. Audrey was happy to know that she gets to care for her cousin, and was ready. But when she first met her; all hell broke loose and Alyssa was extremely disrespectful to her, and started calling her "Black and Blue" But Audrey stood strong and kept trying to tame Alyssa.

When she joined the preps clique, more hell broke loose, as she was mean to all the other prep girls, and was mean to Derby Harrington himself. She joined the cheer squad as one of the flyers, and she ended up injuring people because of her intentional crash landings.

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