Amanda C. Marston
Amanda Marston (Prep Uniform).jpg
Birthday August 8th, 1993
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'5
Weight 100
Clique Prep
Gender Female
Creator ShadowRoxas134
Amanda Marston (Prep Uniform)

"Michael White? He's a nice kid, sweet, sensitive, caring. Of course if he heard you say that he'd no doubt beat the crap out of you."- Amanda Marston on Mike White.


Amanda was born and raised in Bullworth, New England. When she was 15 she had moved away to New York City because of her father's job offer. In the summer of that year, she had moved back to Bullworth and was greeted by her old friends Pinky and Parker.


Amanda is a beautiful young girl. She has long blonde, wavy hair. Weighing an average weight and having an average height. She doesn't have a tan body, as she really sees no point in having one.


Amanda is a sensitive and caring girl. She always there for her friends and is quick to defend them when they are in trouble.However, she can be quick to sarcasm when she feels like it. She excells well in her classes. Mainly in Art and Music. As she sees these classes as her calling.


Pinky Gauthier (Best Friends For Life): Amanda and Pinky have been best friends since they were kids. Amanda sometimes questions her friendship with Pinky. She's has the complete opposite personality of Pinky, however they are very close friends. When asked by girls she can't stand like Christy and Mandy if she and Pinky are lovers, she'll sarcastically reply that they are.

Parker Oglive (Ex-Boyfriend):Amanda and Parker have been Boyfriend and Girlfriend since freshman year at Bullworth. They've had many on and off moments during Sophomore and more importantly, Junior year. Parker broke up with Amanda after Derek Miller purposely made out with her to get Parker to fight. Parker wants to get together with Amanda again after that, but he sees her and Mike together for a project by Galloway and the two boys fight each other. Parker stopped trying to win her over after Amanda and Mike got together and they are still good friends after all of the drama.

Mike White(Best friend, Boyfriend): Amanda and Mike had a rocky relationship at the beginning. Amanda was flattered when Mike called her cute in front of Ivan. But, after Gary's rumor of Mike saying that he was dating Amanda. She got offended and confronted him about it. He calls her an Idiot, as Mike didn't like her shouting at him uselessly. Amanda walks away even more offended. After Another rumor that was started by Derek Miller, Mike helps out and the two start to build a friendship. Amanda starts to have feelings for Mike after seeing a nicer side to him. Amanda and Mike are forced to do an assignment together. Mike doesn't care, but Amanda is interested, because of her crush on him. After Mike and Parker fight each other, Amanda questions her feelings again. During Mike and Jade's break-up, Mike starts to develop feelings for Amanda and the two begin dating once they both realize they love each other. Mike and Amanda still have a very strong relationship. During Mike's second year at Bullworth, she breaks up with him due to a text message of a picture that showed Mike and his ex-girlfriend Lucy kissing. She is unsure of whether he should be forgiven at the moment.

The two have gotten back together after Mike had serenaded her outside of Harrington House with the song Thunder by Boys like Girls. She realizes that he needed a second chance and they are currently still together.


Wandering Around:

  • So Mandy Wiles is going to call me a bitch? How Ironic.
  • I should get back to my room and continue working on my painting.
  • Parker was a really sweet guy, but I just couldn't deal with the constant break-ups.
  • Is it really fair for Christy to spread rumors about me and Pinky being romantically involved when she and Angie are really close friends too?
  • I really can't stand all the parties thrown at Harrington House, they go on until all hours, and a girl needs her sleep, you know?

Conversing with Others:

  • So, Pinky wants me to go on another shopping spree with her. That means that we both blow our credit cards on clothes we don't want and my father threatening to cut me off.
  • Don't tell Mike about this, but his cousin Lola needs to stop trying to get her way by flirting with all the boys in this school. It's degrading and gives a bad name for the fellow girls at the academy.
  • I don't get why everyone feels the need to bully someone like Beatrice. Sure, she's not a super-model, but she's still got a nice personality.
  • So, the other day I decided to put a stink bomb in Mandy's gym locker. I wish I was there to see her reaction.

Replying to Conversations:

  • Sure, that's a good idea.
  • Yeah, I guess.
  • No way!
  • *snickers* Oh, that's not funny? I'm sorry.
  • Okay.
  • Yep.
  • Nope.


(On Good Terms)

  • Oh, hi.
  • Hi!
  • How are you?
  • Hey!

(On Bad Terms)

  • I can't risk being seen with you.
  • No, just no.
  • No No.
  • Ugh, you again?
  • Please leave me alone.


  • Hello, stud.
  • *flirtatious smile* Hello handsome.
  • You know, some flowers from you would make me a very happy girl.
  • Ok, I'm really tired of beating around the bush. Maybe we should just make out.

Rejecting Boys:

  • Rejecting a Nerd: I'm sure you have a great personality, but I can't see it happening.
  • Rejecting a Greaser: I'd rather not be unfairly compared to Lola.
  • Rejecting a Prep: Look, I think we're better off as just friends.
  • Rejecting a Jock: Don't you always have Mandy to pine after?
  • Rejecting a Townie: I'd rather not risk Unsafe Sex.
  • Rejecting a Goth: I really don't want to spend the rest of my time in school wearing black clothes and heavy eyeliner.

Watching a fight:

  • Why can't you just pretend to like each other?
  • Someone should get a nurse.
  • Did they just draw blood?!
  • This is kind of exciting.
  • As long as Mike isn't involved in this, it's okay.


  • Her middle name is Claire, she was named after her grandmother on her Mother's side.
  • Although she shares a surname with Red Dead Redemption protagonist John Marston, there is no relation between the two. This was merely a coincidence during development of the story when last names were being chosen for the Original Characters.

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