"I hate maths and maths hates me."
— Anastasia

Anastasia Dyatlov is a sixth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.

Anastasia Dyatlov
Anastasia Dyatlov
Birthday September 29th, 1988
Eye Color Achat Gray
Hair Color Coffee Brown (Dyed)
Height 5'6
Grade Senior
Clique None
Gender Female
Nationality Russian
Creator Westside JDM


Anastasia stands at a simple 5'6. She has coffee brown hair, and achat gray eyes.

She ignores the uniform rule, and wears a dark gray with lightening striped t-shirt, with ripped jeans.In the winter, she puts on a heavy jacket, and cargo pants.

For Halloween, she dresses as a gymnast.


Anastasia is rather laid back, and she's friendlier than most of Kai's female students, they usually are all vicious and looking to pick fights with anybody, but Anastasia is the most mature, which results in her getting the best training from Kai and the felony fighters.

In class, Anastasia sits in the back, where nobody will bother her, and when somebody wants help from her in class, it depends on the person. If they have beef with the Felony Fighters, or they are constantly saying things that degrade the her friends, she's not gonna help them one whatever they need help on.

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