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"I need more recognition in this damn school"
— Andreas
Andreas Kohler
Andreas Kohler
Birthday August 1st, 1991
Aliases - Kohler
Eye Color Nogaro Blue
Hair Color Off-black
Height 5'5
Grade Sophomore
Clique Jock
Status Offensive Tackle
Relationship Status In a relationship
Gender Male
Family Kris Van Diedrich - Father
Elizabeth Kohler - Mother
Autumn Kohler - Twin Sister
Travis Kohler - Brother
Daniel San Lorenzo - Cousin
Bella Kohler - Cousin
Audrey San Lorenzo - Cousin
Paige San Lorenzo - Cousin
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Nationality German
Affiliations Bullworth Bullhorns
Claire Patania - Girlfriend
Main Hangouts Football Field
Creator Westside JDM

Andreas Kohler is a fourth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. He is the twin brother of Autumn Kohler


He has off-black hair with Nogaro blue eyes. He stands at 5'5, which is short for his age. During fair weather, he wears his football jersey and brown cargo pants, his shoes are also switched out for sneakers

His team number on the football team is 46

He is also pale skinned, just like his twin sister and his cousins.

During the winter, he puts on his letterman jacket and jeans.


He's your typical short guy. He's the polar opposite of his twin sister, Autumn. He's desperate to get in a relationship, whilst Autumn just wants to stay single. Andreas on the other hand has knived and lied his way onto the football team, and he always gets rejected by the girls because of his height, and his dishonesty towards those he opposed to get on the football team.

When he's with his teammates he's much funnier, and can be twice as immature as they are, and he's much louder than usual, but in the presence of a girl, he tries to attract their attention, and typically gets rejected.

When he's in class, he's quieter, and has less to say. When in the classes he likes, he focuses more on the work and less on when the last time he got rejected was.

He is much smarter than his teammates are academically, He is more street smart than book smart, and he has a job, unlike Autumn.

He's impulsive like his twin sister, he's capable of getting himself into the worst of conflicts, and he already has a conflict with his cousins, Audrey and Paige.

He does however have more boundaries than his twin sister. She likes to lash out at those who piss her off, but Andreas just keeps whatever he has to say about somebody to himself.

He doesn't really know how to take a compliment, because he's never gets many compliments from girls, due to his low self esteem.

When he gets rejected by a girl, it depends on who she is. If it's a girl he legitimately likes, he will first try to get over her, and then he will start to become depressed, and wonder what he's going to do in college, where the girls have much higher standards. If it's a girl his friends force him to ask out, he'll just get mad at his teammates and if they laugh at him, he'll just tell them to "Piss off."

Interests, Hobbies, and Talents

Despite being a rookie at football, he's still somewhat talented at what he does. He hits hard when he tackles, and he's scored a couple touch downs. He maintains a calm and collected head when in his uniform, he's not very well known around the school, so he's known as the unknown tackler, who's won a couple of games for the school, yet has not got any credit for it.

He likes dirt bikes. He rides a Suzuki RM250, he's ridden it to school, and people just look at him funny, most of the greasers ask him if he wants money for it, and he typically says no to selling it. He also likes to race on the occasion outside of town. He's ridden dirt bikes for many years, and he does have the intention of being a professional dirtbike rider if he doesn't become a player in the NFL.

He also likes BMX. He has a fitbike aitken S2. When he's pissed off, he goes to ride the bicycle around town. He's had his bike since 6th grade. It's been stolen by his own teammates, and he's fought to get it back.

Relationship with family

His relations with his family are atleast somewhat stable, except he doesn't get along with his sister or with his cousins

His relationship with his twin sister is bad, because she's a bitch to him in general, when he does nothing wrong to her. When they're home for summer or winter, he typically avoids her, and just goes to walk around the town or do something with his friends, When they're together, they frequently fight, argue and exchange nasty insults with one another.

He has an okay relationship with his father, he is somewhat happy with him being on the football team, but he wants him to focus more on school, and less on girls, which he fails to do. His dad thinks he's there to learn, not to obsess about girls and football.

His relationship with his mother is a strained relationship, because he doesn't get along with her sisters' daughter. She also dislikes the fact that he's on the football team and he doesn't do well in all of his classes, because of his desperateness to get into a relationship.

His relationship with Audrey is even worse than his relationship with Autumn. He has a nasty conflict with Audrey. It all started when the San Lorenzoes and the Kohlers met for dinner, Andreas had to sit next to Audrey; and she was being rude to him, because of his position on the football team. He said rude things back, because he wasn't going to take insults from his own cousin. Ever since then, when they cross paths during football and cheer practice, they're likely to exchange insults. She hates him, and he hates her.

He isn't on good terms with Paige either. Because Audrey doesn't like him, Paige doesn't like him either, She frequently curses at him in Italian and mocks him. But he curses back at her in German, because he's not going to take anything from a girl who's almost a foot shorter than him.

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