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"I grow tired of hearing Russian stereotypes about me."
— Andrei
Andrei Mishnev
Andrei Mishnev
Andrei Mishnev, A character loosely based off JDM appearance wise in real life. He's a serious guy when it comes to school, and his clique, but outside of school, he sticks with his family, and friends. If you're on good terms with Mr. Silacci, you're likely susceptible to being pranked and tormented by Andrei.
Birthday July 7th, 1990
Aliases - имбирь
- Strike Eagle
Eye Color Sea-foam green
Hair Color Laser red
Height 5'11
Grade Junior
Clique Guerrilla
Status Finally an upperclassman
Relationship Status About to make a move
Gender Male
Family Valentin Mishnev - Father
Nadia Makarov- Mother
Mikhail Mishnev - Younger brother
Hometown Bullworth, New Hamphshire
Nationality Russian
Rival Misha Melanich
Juri Karamazov
Sergei Voronov
Affiliations Mario McCurio - Best Friend
Main Hangouts Basement
Creator Westside JDM

Andrei Mishnev is a third-generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. He is considered the Russian version of Ginji, by Westside's thoughts and standards.


He has laser red hair, with sea-foam green eyes, and has freckles all over his face. He stands at 5'11, and he typically walks around with a serious look on his face, like he's ready to go on a rant.

During fair weather, he wears a green blazer, with a white tank top and brown cargo pants.

He looks weak, but he's able to defend himself from some of the stronger students, like Kirby or Chad; but when the tall and strong students come along, he'll have to rely on his sluggish ability to dodge.


He's proud to be of Russian descent, and is always teaching himself the language, due to intentions to move to Russia later in life.

He's one serious guy, and he's a guy who takes pride into pranking Mr. Silacci, and if you're on good terms with Mr. Silacci, you're highly susceptible to being pranked or insulted by Andrei.

Like his facial expression gives off, he frequently has rants about irrelevant subjects, and complains about the people he can't stand in the school

He hears a lot of Russian stereotypes about him when he walks by. Typically he doesn't get mad, but when they involve things like or Russian traditions his family follow, he's likely to say something unpleasant to them, but if they get to where they call him a Communist or ask him if he knows a known leader of Russia personally, he'll probably attack them.

Despite being highly touted after by a majority of the girls in the academy, Andrei has never had a girlfriend, or his first kiss unil really recently

There's not very many Russian girls at school, he's having trouble finding the right one, because both of the Russian girls at the school have major jealousy issues, and he doesn't like girls that get jealous easily.

He prefers blonde girls to any other type of girls at the school.

Academically wise, he and the most of the other Russian students are some of the smartest students in the school, he's not the valedictorian of the junior class, but he's up there. He excels in Math, and History.

He does speak Russian at home, and when his family goes on vacation to Russia. He's taught himself either by asking his mom or dad, or by utilizing online translator services.

Interests, Hobbies, and Talents

He likes to learn about the history or Russia, and likes to read Russian novels in his spare time. He knows quite a bit about the Soviet Union, despite being angered when asked about it in a politically incorrect way. He typically doesn't mind a question regarding its history, but if he is straight up asked if he lives in a communist household, or if his family are defectors from the Soviet Union he typically gets mad and walks away.

He is interested in Helicopters, especially military helicopters. His absolute favorite helicopter is the Mil Mi-17. When he plays DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) he typically utilizes the Mi-17 on most missions. He arms the helicopter with two Gryasev-Shipunov GSh-2-23 machine gun pods, UB-32 57mm rocket pods, and two door gunners that fire a DShK fifty caliber heavy machine gun on port side, and a GShG-7.62 gattling gun on starboard side. His helicopter also carries troops in the Russian ground forces.

He's an avid fan of Mercenaries: Playground of destruction. The faction he almost always plays as is the Russian Mafia, his favorite gun in the game is the the RPD Light Machine Gun, but his favorite vehicle in the game is the North Korean T-62 main battle tank.

He's a talented gymnast, despite being too tall for the sport. He's been doing gymnastics since the 6th grade. He's a level five gymnast in training. He's not on the team, but wants to be competitive.

He also does wrestling at Glass jaw, and he's taught himself all the illegal wrestling moves in WWE.

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