"....I believe that they could be stuck in some kind of limbo. They're probably stuck between the living realm and the dead realm". -Andrew Walker, stating his opinion about the zombies.

Andrew Walker is a minor character in the survival horror story Bully: The Undead Story, written by TheToughGuy. He is an original character to the story and is Omar Romero's cousin.


Andrew has short brown hair that was possibly cut before the outbreak, green eyes as well as a beard that stretches all the way up to his sideburns. Because of his appearance, it is guessed that he is in his late teens or early 20's.


Not much is entirely known about Andrew's life prior to the outbreak except that he attended college and eventually graduated. After graduation, he was going to apply for a job at the power plant and live with Omar, but couldn't as zombies started to invade the town. After the start of the outbreak, Andrew along with the Townies moved into Happy Volts Asylum since it had fences to hold off the undead. But since there was zombies inside the asylum as well, they moved into the shed and made sure that no zombies from within the asylum or outside the fences made it into the front-yard.

Andrew was also apparently around during Chapter 5 of the game. He was aware of the Townies making a deal with Gary Smith to take over the school and knew that Gary would bring their downfall if anything were to happen. He knew that there wasn't anything right about Gary the way he talked, the way he pursuaded the Townies to help him and even the way he dressed and was glad that Jimmy got Edgar to back out of the deal.


According to Andrew, he is a Christian and probably a devoted one at that as he refuses to kill. He won't even kill zombies as he thinks that they are in a limbo between the living and dead realms. He is also shown to get sick easily as he threw up two times over the same body. He is also shown to be resourceful as he suggested to use a power cord to get down what would have been a forty-foot drop.


  • Andrew Walker is loosely based off one of TheToughGuy's best friends from his church.
  • His statement about the zombies being in a limbo between the living and dead realms has so far been correct. He may possibly know more about the zombie outbreak, but it has yet to be determined.

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