"I don't trifle with you because I disapprove of your methods, I actually find myself enthralled by your antics. I stand opposite of you because I love the notion of conflict." -Andy Tellar to Gary Smith. 

Andy is the main character of Lets Make this Hurt. 

Character Description

Andy has almost, laborously light blue eyes. He has short blond hair that he sways to the side and has dyed green on the very tip. He stands tall, reaching at six feet even. Though his body is rather slim as he weighs 160 pounds. He has many scars running up his torso, mostly from that involving brutal escapades and relentless street altercations. He's almost unnerving to behold as he looks sickly even, though with a despicable sureness to him. 


Focused, and sadistic. Foresaken and even to a point, dark Andy Tellar is the epitome of sociopath. Though there is a brisk, unsettling confidence to him as well that gives even his most bitter of foes, Gary Smith included, a look of worry. He has plots within plots. To which he uses to overthrow those that come close to trusting him. He is revered even. When speaking to him he is unnerving and quells for information. He's intelligent and his dark, sardonic humour is found to be offensive. He's often quiet and calculated, boldly defining a strategy for every movement. One thing he likes to do is find what disturbs people the most and use it to his advantage to torment them. Though he stands up for those facing agony at the hands of another, he only does so so as to protect his prey from a contrasting predator in the pecking order.


Growing up in Los Santos his parents never gave a damn about him. His father yelled, and screamed at him, forbidding him from being social and harming him. His mother simply sat by to not get in the way of his reproachful father. At school he took his rage out on others and harmed them, though not always physically, he began to play mind games. Much like the mental abuse he received at home he began to harness that and use it on others. At Los Santos Middle School he began to use a blade he had acquired to tie up students and cut marks on them, then slander them and further cause humiliation.


Despite his unsettling behavior he almost always had well received clothing. Dressing nice and showering well, almost being respectful aesthetically. This was in contrast to his behavior beyond that. He would shower and comb his hair back to almost resemble that of a James Bond nemesis. He prefered lavish suits, despite growing up in poverty he would steal nice clothes and use it to his advantage as an impressive looking person, set to kill. 

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