This character sheet was created by Silkvale.

Biographical Information

* Full Name: Anderson Jacob Tellar

*Set Age: 15

*Certified Birthdate: January 20th, 1990

*Astrological Sign: Capricorn

*Gender: Male

*Aliases and Preferred Nicknames or Associations:

Andy (By everyone)

*Ethnicities: American-White

*Distant Descendants: He originally hails from Norway.

*Dominant Descendants: American.

Family Ties


*Kenneth Tellar (Father): An abusive alcoholic that has done nothing but demean the poor boy since he was a child. Andy views their divorce as a blessing in disguise, almost. Now, as he is divorced, he will probably drink himself into a premature grave. 

*Shannyn Tellar (Mother): A passive, docile woman that fell in love with Kenneth for his redeeming qualities early on, continues to stand by his side out of underlying fear of abuse. After finally facing her wits end and divorcing him she sternly rejected her own son, believing that he had grown to much into his father's shrouded persona. She fears Andy and has done nothing to steer him onto a cleaner path.

*Jacob Cosby (Uncle): As careless and sadistic as his nephew. He merely took Andy in so he could be commended for his efforts by the state and paid for childcare. He is often mean and has no motive for his assault. He knows it as empowering the boy to find his destructive side, so as to strengthen him for the real world.

Physical Description

*Hair Color: Golden Blond

*Eye Color: Light Blue

*Weight: 160 lbs

*Height: 6'0"

Typical Attire

School Uniform

Andy wears a red version of the school uniform. He has it clean at all times and there is not so much as a speck on it. He believes that the clothes make the man, in a sense. He wears his slacks well, and is certain to keep his uniform in excellent shape.

Winter Uniform

He adds gloves and Jeans to his attire at that time. No real difference.

*Figure/Build: Andy is built with a very wiry frame. Even for it though he does have some very decent muscle complexion.

*Distinguishable Features/Scars/Birthmarks: There are many various scars riddling his torso and a scar beneath his left eye on his orbital bone. The scars he received from many altercations living in Los Santos. The scar on his orbital bone was from a threatening encounter with Ballas Street Thugs.

*Tattoos: Andy has no tattoos

*Frequently Worn Jewelry: None

Personal Information

*Current living Arrangements: Andy's decrepit Uncle's house in Old Bullworth Vale.

*Originated: From Los Santos

*Hobbies: Scheming, writing in journal, Tormenting students, fighting with Gary

*Fears: Competition

*Religions/Beliefs: Athiest

Health Behaviors

*Addictions: None

Chronological Information

*Profession: Bullworth Student

*Likes: Observing, Harming others, Going through with his plans

*Dislikes: Having to rely on others, The monotony of school.

*Goals/Ambitions: To hold a high ranking position in the world and watch as the events unfold. With no emotions to hold him back he feels that his calculated measures will ground him and help him move forward. He wishes to build a corporate empire from the ground up and use only ample bloodlines, so he may control the prestige.

*Weapons/Equipment: Knife, Slingshot

Personal Attributes


*Pros: Determined, intelligent, Confident

*Cons: Sneaky, Not loyal

Strengths: Toughness, Strong-willed, confident

Weaknesses: Doesn't trust others, quick to judge

Good Habits: Able to manage stress, Rationalize any situation

Bad Habits: Quick to judge, can be known to act with aggression

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: An odd behavior is that he loves the context of facial expressions, such as when they are hurt, or bereft.

Stereotype: The Sociopath

As you know them better (and you like them): He's smart, defends those he deems weaker (even though it is to assert dominance)

As you know them better (and you hate them): A slimy bastard, Will never pledge loyalty to a friend, is mean and will use you for his own personal gain.

Ratings on Personal Qualities

Physical Strength: 5/10 (He isn't really super imposing and has average strength)

Attractive: 3/10 (Though he cleans up nicely at times he is not an attractive person in the slightest)

Honesty: 1/10 (He'll play you as he sees fit)

Rule Abiding: 2/10 (He'll break any rule as he deems break worthy)

Sociability: 6/10 (He is actually quite charismatic)

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: Parents read a brochure

Clique: None

Standing and Rank In Social Circle:

*Room Number: 33

*Roommate(s): Bucky Pasteur

*Favorite Subject(s): Geography (Gets to learn about the world)

*Least Favorite Subject(s): Art (Ms Philips is annoying), English (Mr. Galloway is daft)

*Favorite Teacher: Mr Hattrick (He turns the entire class into sniveling wrecks)

*Least Favorite Teacher: Ms Philips (How anyone could have a crush on her is beyond him)


Languages: English

Schooling Level: Grade 10

Expertise: Geography, Biology

Chemistry: 74%

Math: 94%

English: 90%

Geography: 100%

Politics/Law: 79%

Economy: 76%

Cooking/Culinary: 86%

Shop: 80%

Biology: 100%

Mythology: 92%

Art: 70%

Photography: 93%

Reading Level: Good

Overall Intelligence Level(s): Andy is incredibly smart, even the Nerds are awestruck by his ability of the mind.

Relationship Statuses


Extra Information

Eating Habits:

*Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore

*Favorite Food(s): Bacon

*Favorite Drink(s): Root beer

*Least Favorite Food(s): Asparagus

Least Favorite Drink(s): Milk

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