"I don't know what to do when boys talk to me! I just get so nervous."
— Angie Ng

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Angie Ng is a Non-Clique student in Bully.

Angie Ng
Angie Ng
Clique Non-Clique Students
Gender Female
Kissable Yes
Voice Actor Sue Jean Kim

Character Summary

Angie Halloween

Angie in her Halloween costume.

Angie has short black hair that is worn in pigtails tied with red ribbons, and dark brown eyes. She wears a white school blouse, a dark teal plaid tie and skirt, along with matching overalls. On her feet Angie wears black Mary Janes and white knee socks. All of this is what is assumed to be the standard girls' uniform at Bullworth. She also wears oval shaped glasses. In the winter, Angie wears dark and light teal striped leg warmers, mittens, and pale yellow earmuffs.

Agie fd

Angie in her room, reading a book.

She dresses as a witch for Halloween.
Full body Angie

Angie walking in the school hallways.

Angie appears to be of Asian decent. She is shy, and one of the nicer students on campus. She gets nervous easily, especially around boys or when being verbally harassed. She is very close with her mother and often worries about disappointing her, as her mother has high expectations of Angie. She loves bunnies, and disapproves of fighting.

Her best friend is Christy Martin, and she is on the cheer squad. During the mission Paparazzi, she mistakenly falls during cheerleading practice and is insulted for it by Mandy.


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