Chapter 1

  • Okay, see you later!
  • Aahh!

Chapter 2

  • (Sarcastic tone) Gee, thanks. You're a smooth one.
  • No.
  • My school uniform? Lucky for you you're in a school with uniforms then, huh?
  • No.
  • Knock yourself out.
  • No!
  • That is so not going to impress me.
  • What? You think you're a ninja or something?
  • I thought you were trying to be tough.
  • Crybaby.
  • Ugh, why can't you boys behave like normal human beings?
  • What a bunch of idiots!
  • Ugh, I can't wait 'til I go to college.
  • Yes miss!
  • What is it?
  • Why do you keep worrying about being fat? You look good!
  • Hey, show me your other pictures!
  • We're being watched!

Chapter 4

  • Mandy, what happened?! You're a mess!
  • Me neither, that's like so weird!
  • Maybe it's becau--Maybe it's because you're such a witch.

Chapter 5

  • What's going on?!

ALLYAA (Unknown what this is for)

  • (Giggles) Of course I'd like to hang out, Jimmy.
  • (Giggles) I can't believe you asked me! Of course!
  • Oh Jimmy, I don't know! (Giggles) Okay!

About to Leave

  • I have to go home now, Jimmy.
  • I'm late, Jimmy. I have to go.

Asking for Help

  • Jimmy! Help me!
  • Jimmy! JIMMY!

Butt Pinched

  • (Gasps) Just go away!
  • (Squeals) Stop it!

Bike Related

Bike Crash

  • Ow! Ow, ow ow!
  • I knew I shouldn't have done that! Oh!

Sees Trick

  • That looks dangerous!
  • Careful!

Sees Trick Fail

  • Oh no! That must hurt!
  • I knew that would happen!

Bumped Into

Friendly Terms

  • I'm so sorry!
  • (Giggles) Sorry!
  • (Giggles) Oops!

Unfriendly Terms

  • That's really rude!
  • Don't be rude!
  • Don't push me!
  • Could you not push me?
  • Look out!
  • Why did you walk into me?!

After Jimmy is Expelled

  • Y'know, I used to think you were cool.

With Bike

  • Ow! Watch where you're going, you idiot!
  • Ah! That's really dangerous!
  • Hey! Why don't you look where you're going?!

Saying Bye

  • I have to go call my mom. Bye.
  • Sorry, but I have to go study.
  • I have to go practice, bye.

Carnival Comments

  • (Giggles) That was so much fun!
  • I was really worried it would break!

Calling for Help

  • Help me out!
  • Please help me!


  • I'm gonna kill you!
  • Keep running, you coward!

Escaped From

  • Are you trying to hide from me?!
  • Come back here!

Out of Breath

  • Alright, (panting) you win! (More panting)

Chatter/Wandering Around

  • I really love bunnies! They're so nice!
  • Why are boys so confusing? I just don't get them!
  • If I don't get that A my mom will be so disappointed!
  • I can't tell mom about that at all! She'd be so mad!
  • I wish I could do something wild and exciting, like, go to the big city with a boy!
  • Why do I get so nervous around boys?


  • Hey all you Bullworth fans, stand up and clap your hands! Bullworth! Bullhorns! Yeah, yeah, yeah!
  • The strongest boys in all the land; Bullhorn fans, clap your hands! Yeah!


  • It's just awful! I mean it's so wrong!
  • Why would anyone do a thing like that? It doesn't make sense!


  • Mmm... I don't get it!


  • Wow, that was well done!
  • You're really good!


Ambient Conversation Starters (?)

  • (Giggles)
  • Um, anyways...

Ambient Conversation

  • (Giggles) Ms. Danvers is always following Dr. Crabblesnitch like some sort of lost puppy! (Giggles) It's kinda sad.
  • Those prep boys are so shallow y'know? ALL ABOUT appearances, but they're rotten inside!
  • Mandy's actually pretty nice, once you get to know her.
  • (Giggles) I swear I saw Edna put a cat into the stew the other day!
  • I heard it's best to avoid Mr. Burton's gym class if you're a girl. Or a boy. He's just not nice!
  • (Giggles) Russell told me he was passing math. I'm really surprised!
  • I don't know what to do when boys talk to me! I just get so nervous!
  • My parents are totally stressing me out! I worry about disappointing them.
  • I'm worried that I'm not participating enough in class!
  • I wish I was like Lola! Not giving a damn about what anyone thinks!
  • There's just so much to do, I'm totally stressing out!
  • I've been working really hard on those cheerleader routines after I made the team.
  • I always do my homework!
  • (Giggles) I think he might like me, I don't know what to do!
  • I keep having this dream about staying up all night and hanging out with boys!
  • I usually get good marks, so my parents are pretty happy.

Ambient Conversation (Specific to Chapters 1 - 6)

  • Hey, did you hear? That new kid made out with Eunice.
  • Did you here? The preps are planning to do something to Jimmy. They're so rotten!
  • I heard Johnny's all worked up about Lola. Oh, it's so romantic!
  • Some of the nerds are actually pretty clever, y'know? I heard they had some sort of hideout!
  • (Giggles) Jimmy's so dreamy! All the girls want him.
  • Gary keeps telling everyone that it's Jimmy's fault, and that he's sexually confused! (Laughter)

Asking Question

  • Have you ever... y'know... been in love?
  • Did you ever skip class?
  • Have you ever... (giggles) played with a bunny?!
  • Did you ever forget to take notes in class?
  • Asking Question to Begin Conversation
  • Did you ever try that lotion I lent you?

Talking to Other Girls About Dating/Boys/Pillow Fights

  • I heard Jimmy's a really dreamy kisser!

Talking about Relationship

  • He kissed me, and I think I liked it! (Giggles)

Reacting to a Rumor

  • (Laughs) I didn't know about that!
  • (Gasps) Really? Are you sure?
  • That sounds... I don't know, are you sure?
  • (Giggles) Yeah, right!


  • I totally know what you mean.
  • That's pretty disappointing!
  • I'm sorry to hear that!
  • Come on, is it really that bad?
  • Yeah, I remember you told me that earlier.
  • Wow, really? That's interesting!
  • (Giggles) I'm not surprised, 'cause you're pretty cool!
To Question
  • (Giggles) I don't know!
  • Maybe!
  • Maybe once or twice! (Giggles)
  • My parents wouldn't be happy if I did that!


  • Someone keeps breaking into the dorm! It's pretty creepy!
  • It's so hard to tell if boys like you or are just playing around!
  • It's so hard to get good food in this town! I miss my mom's cooking.
  • Sometimes it seems like the teachers don't really care to teach us properly, y'know?!

Ending Ambient Conversation

  • Anyways, bye!
  • (Giggles) Okay, bye!
  • I better go study. Bye!


  • Oh, yuck!
  • Eeeewwwww!

Don't Hit

  • Just don't do it again, okay?!
  • Why are you hitting me?!
  • Why would you do such a thing?!

Asking for Help Getting Out of Class

  • Hey, would you help me get out of gym with Burton? I hate that guy!


  • You've really pissed me off now!
  • You think you're really tough, but you're not!
  • You're gonna have your ass kicked by a girl!
  • I don't know Kung Fu, but I'll still kick your ass!

Beaten/Knocked Out

  • You may be tough now... but you'll come to a bad end.
  • I hope you go to prison!
  • (Crying) That really hurt!
  • I wanna go home!

Initiating Fight

  • Oh, now you've made me angry!
  • I'm gonna have to kick your butt!

Spit On

  • Oh my god!

Watching a Fight

  • Can't you just talk it out?!
  • Get a room, losers!
  • Stop being idiots!

Surprised to Notice a Fight

  • Hey!
  • Doooon't!

Disapproves of Fight

  • Leave him alone!
  • Don't be so violent!

When Fire Alarm Goes Off

  • Why do they always do this?


  • (Nervous giggling)
  • (Nervous giggle) ...Please?

Food Fight Breaks Out

  • Woo! Better than eating this food, anyways!

Freaking Out

  • (High pitched scream)
  • EEEEEE! Somebody do something!

Reacting to Freak Show

  • Really? You think that's real?

Receiving Gift

  • Oh Jimmy, that's so nice of you!
  • Jimmy, you're so nice to me!
  • (Giggles) Thanks, Jimmy!
  • Thank you, Jimmy! (Giggles)
  • Thank you! (Giggles)

Seeing Jimmy When She Likes Him

  • I like you Jimmy, but I probably shouldn't... y'know.
  • Are you asking me on a... (giggles) date?

Giving a Gift

  • (Giggles) ...For you.


  • (Giggles) Hi!
  • Hi there!
  • Oh hi! (Giggles)


  • (Giggles) Jimmy, are you here to see me?

Greeting Female Authority Figure

  • Hello, ma'am!

Greeting Male Authority Figure

  • Hello, sir!

When Jimmy is Well Dressed

  • Oh Jimmy, (giggles) you always dress so well!

Flirted With

  • Oh, Jimmy! (Giggles)
  • (Giggles) I don't know what to say!

Complimenting Appearance


  • I love your haircut! (Giggles)


  • You look nice, (giggles) in that hat, Jimmy!


  • Are those pants imported? They look, um (giggles) nice!


  • I like your shirt, Jimmy! (To herself) I can't believe I just said that!

Contemplating her Own Appearance

  • Should I dye my hair?
  • Why doesn't he notice me?

Regarding Help

Surprised to Receive Help

  • I can't believe you're helping me, Jimmy! Okay, I'm so grateful.

Requesting Help

  • Jimmy? Um... (giggles) Would you please help me?


  • Just leave me alone!
  • Don't! Just don't!


  • Um, hi...


  • Boooooo!
  • You're an embarrassment!
  • You're a failure!
  • Go home!


Short Laugh

  • Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Long Laugh

  • Ehehehehehehehehehehe! (Inhales) Hahahahahahahahaha!

Making Out

After Making Out

  • (Giggles) Do you think anyone saw?
  • (Giggles) You're so bad!
  • Mmm.. That was... nice! (Giggles)

Before Making Out

  • Hey Jimmy... um... (giggles)
  • I'm feeling really... (giggles) shy.
Wanting Payback
  • Ooh, he really upset me!


  • Ugh... (retching sounds, followed by coughing) uh...

Hit by Dead Rat

  • Whatever! It's not even the year of the rat!

Low Faction Respect

  • Stop harassing me.
  • Look, Jimmy. I'm not interested!
  • Leave me alone, please?

High Faction Respect

  • (Giggles) Hi Jimmy!
  • Oh Jimmy, it's you! (Giggles)
  • Hi Jimmy!

Low Respect

  • Hm?
  • Oh. Hi.
  • You're interrupting?
  • No thanks!
  • Busy!


  • (Gasps) I don't like it!
  • (Crying) Oh god!
  • (Sobbing)

Seeing Something Cool

  • That's pretty cool!
  • I like that!

Seeing Something Lame

  • I don't see why they'd bother.
  • That's pretty pointless.

Seeing Vandalism

  • HEY! That's mine!
  • Please! Stop it!

Reacting to Weapon Fired

  • Aah! Scary!
  • Watch out!

Reacting Stink Bomb

  • (Coughing) Oh, YUCK! Oh!

Reacting to Item in Store

  • Ooh, that's so cute!
  • I better not let mom see me wear that!
  • I wonder if boys would like me in that.
  • Too big!

Reacting to Tagging

  • You should be ashamed of yourself!


  • I can't believe anyone would do something like that!
  • They were really bad! Like, they should be expelled or something!


  • I don't like you!
  • You're gonna FAIL!
  • You're stupid!
  • What's your problem?!
  • You're so annoying!
  • CREEP!
  • You're dumb!


  • Ha! Bet you didn't expect that!
  • (Scoffs) You so deserve that!

Insulting Clothes

Insulting General Appearance

  • You know you look silly like that, don't you?


  • That hair is just so wrong!


  • What happened to your pants?!


  • That shirt is, ugh, nevermind!


  • My mom says tattoos are for criminals.


  • I don't understand why you'd wear that on your head.

TAUNPE (Unknown)

  • Are you afraid of the preps? Huh? (Laughing)
  • You're a poser, Jimmy.


Not Intimidated

  • I'm sorry, did you say something?
  • That's not gonna impress me.
  • Do you have issues or something?
  • Yeah. Alright.
  • You're just a thug!
  • You're not impressing me!
  • Is that supposed to be impressive?
  • Yeah, whatever!
  • Don't even talk to me!


  • Why are you picking on me?!
  • Oh please leave me alone! (Slight crying)
  • I always try to be nice to you!

Leading the Way

  • Follow me, Jimmy. I'll show you.
  • It's over here, Jimmy, come to me!

When Jimmy Goes the Wrong Way

  • Jimmy, don't go that way!
  • No, no, Jimmy! Not that way!

Given Swirlie

During/Before Swirlie

  • (Crying)

After Swirlie

  • (Coughing) I hate you! (More coughing)

Victim of Prank

  • (Crying) You think you're so cool, don't you?
  • (Crying) Why do you do that?!


  • Mmm, why does it have to be that way? Mmmm!
  • What Is That
  • What is that?!
  • When TV is Shut Off
  • Didn't your mom teach you manners? I was watching that!

Yearbook Quotes

  • I need some help with the Yearbook. I have a budget. Will you help?
  • I need pictures of all the students and teachers. I wanna make sure everyone knows they matter.