"I cannot wait until the next tenement party"
— Anton
Anton Moroz
Anton Moroz
Birthday September 22nd, 1989
Eye Color Deep Chestnut Auburn
Hair Color Pastel Green
Height 5'5
Grade Junior
Clique Greasers
Status Finally an upperclassman
Relationship Status In a relationship
Gender Male
Hometown Bullworth, New Hampshire
Nationality Russian
Affiliations Viktoria Ivchenko - Girlfriend
Main Hangouts New Coventry
Creator Westside JDM

Anton Moroz is a fourth-generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.


He has pastel green eyes, with chestnut auburn hair gelled and combed to the side. He stands at 5'5.

He wears a denim jacket instead of a leather jacket, and wears tan slacks, with a Bullworth Academy vest underneath. He also wears converse sneakers.

In the winter, he buttons up the denim jacket, puts on jeans and wears a Ushanka hat on his head to keep his head warm.


He is rather competitive when it comes to seeing who's the best at anything. He thrives in athletics, and in some academics. He's good at chemistry and math, but he's not good at analysis on subjects like Animal experimentation, due to him considering it irrelevant.

When he is stressed, he typically becomes anti-social; and stays away from his friends, so he can be alone and try to figure out how to work through his stress.

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