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Aquaberry is a fictional high-end clothing brand in Bully.
Derby Winter

Derby Harrington in the Aquaberry sweater.


Aquaberry's signature piece is the Aquaberry vest and Aquaberry sweater. The design consists of alternating blue diamonds in harlequin style, in aqua blue and dark aqua blue colors. For Bullworth Academy, the Aquaberry Outlet store in Old Bullworth Vale sells Aquaberry sweaters and vests with the Bullworth crest embroidered on it. Therefore, they both count as appropriate within the dress code.
Derbs and Pinky

Derby Harrington and Pinky Gauthier wearing Aquaberry.


Aside from Aquaberry sweaters and vests, Aquaberry sells various other articles of clothing, including tuxedos, coats, and shoes. Aquaberry also has other clothing lines such as "Rough n' Rich" and "Luxury Stud".

Aquaberry clothes is favored by the Preppies.

The name 'Aquaberry' is a combination of two luxury British clothing brands; Aquascutum and Burberry.

Aquaberry Outlet

Aquaberry Outlet

The Aquaberry outlet.

In the small shopping plaza in Old Bullworth Vale, an Aquaberry Outlet store is located and is run by Mr. Carmichael.

On posters on the walls of the outlet, Derby Harrington appears on posters modeling clothes for the brands, alongside a model named Candy who does not physically appear in the game. As the game continues, a poster appears with Jimmy Hopkins on it, modeling as well, only his hair is in a prep style.

The clothes in the outlet are significantly more expensive than in other stores, reaching even $100.

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