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Art is one of the classes available at Bullworth Academy in Bully.


Jimmy Hopkins, Mandy Wiles, Beatrice Trudeau, and Ms. Philips in the art classroom.

Class Summary

Art is taught by Ms. Philips, and consists of the player guiding a pencil around a large box, attempting to avoid enemies and complete smaller boxes in order to finish a full painting. The player has three lives to complete the mini-game, and if they lose all three, the class is failed. After 80% completion, the image will reveal itself.

Art 3

An example of a finished portrait of Ms. Philips.

The class itself seems to be mainly students drawing Ms. Philips, who appears to pose for her students.

Jimmy Hopkins takes the class in the morning, as his third class of the week. He shares the class period with Mandy Wiles and Beatrice Trudeau.


Art 2

The art class mini-game play.

Class Reward
Art 1 125% Health (Light kiss on lips)
Art 2 150% Health (Hug & Kiss)
Art 3 175% Health (Hug & Long Kiss)
Art 4 200% Health (Make Out)
Art 5 Girls (except Eunice) no longer ask for gifts before kiss (Make Out)


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