The Art Freaks are a fanfictional clique made by WayfinderOwl, and are not canon to Bully at all.

"Illustrious for their creative spirit, and being complete social outcasts. The students of the Art Freaks have provided some of the school's most beautiful artwork. Social rankings mean nothing to them. As long as they can surround themselves in the beauty of the art."
— description of the Art Freaks in their personal yearbook.
Art Freaks Poster

Clique Origins

Founded in the freshman year of the three founding members; Kendra, Louisa and Kenzie. Originally the clique was named Art Chicks, but the other students of the school deemed them freaks. Rather than allowing them to use it as an insult, the girls decided to own it. Since then the all girl clique has been known as Art Freaks.

Kendra Peyton

Age: 17

Artistic Talent: Painting

Coming from Lancaster, North Algonquin, Liberty City. Kendra takes a more lazy eccentric approach to life. Her parents threw money at her, hoping she would want for nothing. However, she chose to live for the artistic side. Everything from the beads in her natural blonde dreadlocks, to the paint that stains most of her clothes. As level headed as they come, as she searches for the perfect inspiration for her next painting.

Kendra sees the world by colors, or the art. Seeing the world not how it was, or how it is, or how it could be. She sees the feeling of the moment, and how she would display it if said moment were a picture being created on a canvas. She prefers to live in the here and now, not concerning herself with anything that isn't her friends or art.


Louisa Lennox

Age: 17

Artistic Talent: Fashion design.

Raised a stone's throw from the beaches of Vice City, and she hated it. All the clothes she designed were impractical for a day chilling out on the beach. Louisa comes across as always bored and a tad bitchy. Truth be told, she is. In her mind, Louisa believes she should be living in Algonquin, partying in the hottest clubs all night, and sleeping all day. Dining in Superstar Café, while wearing the most fashionable clothes. She waits for a life she may never have.

Louisa comes across deliberately callous and catty, but people who think that don't know her. Her one rule is that she stays true to herself. If people don't get that, then she shows no concern for them what-so-ever. Afterall, if people want to box her in, or treat her with any form of contempt, then ditto.


Kenzie Young

Age: 17

Artistic Talent: Photography.

Mackenzie "Kenzie" Young lived the high life in Rockford Hills, Los Santos. Always enjoying the life of a superstar aspiring to be either a model, or if all else fails a photographer. When she first came to Bullworth, she was a Prep. A scandal caused them to kick her out of their clique. She dated four of the prep boys at once, and got caught making out with a fifth at a social gathering. Kenzie is just a fun loving girl, who loves to enjoy her life.

Photography always appealed to Kenzie. The beauty of the metaphor, that with one press of a button she can capture a single moment in time. To gaze over it and remember everything. Never allowing the image of that moment to grow hazy in her memories. In a way, everything she loves can stay completely immortal.


Other Members


Just like any other clique on campus, they do have their own rules and guidelines. Unlike all the other cliques however, they are not so rigid with them. As it appears, the terms "leader" and "second-in-command" are more empty titles, which only have meaning when dealing with other cliques.

  1. When holding down turf in terms of evacuation, if the three leaders have to leave for whatever reason, the oldest member of the clique takes the leadership title in their absence.
  2. Any girl seen abusing her authority will be stripped of her title, and never be asked to take place of a leader again, even if she is the oldest member. No second chances.
  3. When faced with a decision that will affect the whole clique, a vote must be done. Whatever decision made, the leader must go by that, even if she doesn't agree.

  1. Any member of the clique may make an alliance with any student or clique in school, without having to consult the other members. The clique respects her choice, thinking she probably had her reasons and go with it.
  2. The same can be said with enemies. Any student or clique who causes any intentional harm, and declines to make ammends to that Art Freak girl, her fellow clique members support her, turning that student or clique into an enemy.

  1. Have some artistic talent and a girl? You're in.
  2. That being said, the girls try to make sure there is some artistic diversity. Allowing only one girl with that particular skill set. However they don't just kick a girl out, if someone better comes along. They stick by their friends.
  3. To recruit another girl, all members have to agree. They all have to hang around together after all. Kendra, Louisa and Kenzie make sure there is no tension between the girls.
  4. The only way a girl can be excluded is if she is deliberately trying to exclude other members, acting hostile, or causing tension without due cause. Usually the other girls will try to resolve the situation as fast as possible. If it esculates too high to be resolved, then the girl has to leave. This has never happened, but is there just in case.

  1. Any group related activities - such as the yearbook for example - all girls have to participate for the activity to happen. They are arranged as a fun thing for the girls to do together.
  2. Any member of the clique can suggest activities, regardless of her status in the clique. Whoever that girl is she is put in charge to over see the project, if they choose to go ahead with it.


The clique has done nothing greatly historic, because they mostly stick to themselves. Anything worth remembering is usually done in clique, and chronicled in their year book. The only dent they have made in the school history, is how they made enemies with all other cliques.


The "school's elite" where the first enemies the girls made, back when their name was Art Chicks. For their mistreatment of Kenzie. How they were so quick to make out with her, and treat her like an object, but kicked her out when they couldn't treat her like a dirty little secret any more.


This particular rivalry is not so cut and dry. The Jocks hit on the more attractive girls, but still deem them all freaks. They mainly hate the girls to support their cheerleaders. Also the fact that there are more girls in the clique that the jocks deem "unattractive" than they think are hot.


This rivalry was automatic. Townies hate kids from the academy. For that they are hostile to the girls on sight. A few of the townie boys may flirt with the girls, but if they are rejected, return back to hostility again.


No one remembers how this one started. It just happened. The animosity could have been anything from Suzanne correcting the spelling in thier graffiti, or the Greasers destorying a project they made for an Art Fair. Neither side knows who threw the first punch, but they do enjoy their rivalry.


The school bullies sealed their fate within the clique's enemy list with Anouk. On her first day of school, they made fun of her accent. Laughed when she didn't know the English word for something. Called her many anti-French slurs. Over her first month, they terrorized her. Throwing disected animal's guts down her blouse. Sneaking into her dorm, stealing her underwear, and decorating the tree on the football pitch with them. Anything they could do to upset her, they did it. Cheryl had a not so polite word with them and they backed off a bit.


The Nerds were the last enemies the clique made. Up until that, they were neutral. Iris was leaving the library, while some Nerds were working on some of their weapons. A prototype of the spudgun. The Nerd accidently squeezed the trigger, clipping Iris in the side of her face with a piece of a potato. She ran to the girls, crying and told them what happened.

The whole clique went to the library, demanding to know who did it. They refused to tell, so the girls beat them all up for it. Most of the girls weren't much of a fighter, but they were tougher than the nerds. They have been enemies ever since.

Despite that, the Nerds won't lay a finger on Iris, because they know what they will get if they even try.


The school ranking system goes;

  1. Jocks and Cheerleaders
  2. Greasers
  3. Preps
  4. Bullies
  5. Art Freaks
  6. Nerds
  7. Non-Clique Students

They are tougher than the Nerds, but are often pushed around by the Bullies. The Townies are not included in the ranking system.


The Art Freaks appears to not have a definite uniform. They wear the ordinary attire of the non-clique students, but customized in some way. (Only Iris adds no personal touches.) Some however choose not to wear the uniform at all, or wear a white shirt, with clothes of their own choosing. Cheryl however wears the jock uniform. The only common theme is "Add your own personality to your uniform," and the girls have achieved that.

  • The Art Freaks are Bullworth Academy's only all girl clique.
  • They are also the only clique to have a little kid as a member.
  • They are quite open about the fact that they want Becky Delaney to join them. They are that desperate to get her to join, they made a page for her in their yearbook as an honorary member, and always join in her protests.
  • Just like the Greasers, they have two second-in-commands. (Louisa and Kenzie.)


The girls of the Art Freaks make their own yearbook, separate from the main school one.

They make their own yearbook, as a private thing, to chronicle the history of the clique, even though it will probably be dissolved after all the girls graduate.

Their circulation is only eight copies, sometimes one or two more if they are trying to get someone else to join.

The Art Freaks Yearbook can be found in full here.

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How this works is, in the comments section ask a question with the name of one of the three girls (Kendra, Louisa or Kenzie), or all three. I will reply to them in character.

This is just for a bit of fun. Not required.

Before asking questions, please read these three simple guidelines;

  1. Asking one of the girls opinions on an OC will most likely receive a "Who? Never heard of them." comment. The girls only exist in my own personal fanon universe, and only know canon characters and my OCs.
  2. The other five members can't be asked questions on this page, go to the members page for that.
  3. Only comments stated to be questions will be answered in character. All normal comments will be answered by me of course.

Ask The Art Freaks Q&A is currently unavailable, as their creator has difficulties with logging in.

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