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"Samantha Silacci and her friends are such pricks. I HATE THEM!!"
— Ashlynn
Ashlynn Leoncio
Ashlynn Leoncio
Birthday September 23rd, 1990
Aliases - Ash
- Type 12
- Bye Felicia
- Leon the Peon
Eye Color Blueish Gray
Hair Color Light Beige
Height 5'5
Clique Nerds
Status Sophomore
Gender Female
Family Dorcas Leoncio - Brother
Rival Madison Reece
Samantha Silacci
Marissa Belmonte
Affiliations Anti-Social
Creator Westside JDM
Signature Ashylnn Felicia Leoncio
Ashlynn Felicia Leoncio

Ashlynn Leoncio is a Third-Generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.


She has light beige hair with blueish gray eyes. She is about 5'5. She's a nerd, and she wears the non-clique uniform to hide her nerd status, like Sophia.

She's also highly overweight, and she wears black Mary-Janes with knee socks.


She's a jealous person, She has an unimaginable hatred for Samantha Silacci, She always has plots for revenge due to a past incident, but she has never tried to act any of them out.

She openly verbally assaults Madison and Marissa, who typically fight back and shut her up with relative impunity, because there's nothing she can say back to them.

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