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Biographical information 

Full Name

  • Aspen: "From the tree"
  • Nicole: "Victory in War"
  • Nilssen: "Son of Nil"


  • Nick: Used exclusively by her best friends, Tracey Prescott and Sierra Sanchez.
  • Nicky: Used by Jarod Plummer and Erick Boucher

Set Age

  • Certified Birthdate: August 17th, 1988
  • Astrological Sign: Leo
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake

Family and Culture


Lars Nilssen - (Father)

  • Lars and Aspen get along well, they frequently attend punk shows in New Coventry together, or to go get their hair re-dyed jet black, or get tattoos or new piercings. He is 38 years old and is a tattoo artist.

Elenora Dahlbeck

  • Just like Lars, Aspen and Elenora are close. Sometimes, they go shopping at Punk stores in New York, and sometimes Miami.


Morgan Nilssen

  • Morgan is a spoiled brat who gets everything she wants, she is also close friends with somebody named Maggie Grigorescu. She enjoys provoking fights with people and playing the victim, and unlike Aspen and her parents, she is not a punk by heart, she is just your average fat girl, her hair is also not jet black, it is just auburn. 

Physical Description 

Basic Description

  • Hair Color: Phantom Black, naturally Auburn
  • Eye Color: Achat Gray
  • Height: 5'3
  • Weight: 143 lbs

Advanced Description 

  • Figure/Build: Extra Curvy, Thick Thighs.
  • Frequently Worn Makeup: Red Eyeshadow, Winged Eyeliner, Mascara, Highlight, Contours, Cherry Red Lipstick, Blush.
  • Frequently Worn Jewelry: Earrings, Necklaces, Rings
  • Tattoos: Fallen Angel Tattoo, and a few pinup tattoos.
  • Piercings: Nose piercing, Ear Piercings.
  • Contacts: Eye contacts

Personal Information

Current living arrangements: 197 Avenger Street, New Coventry

Originated From: Bullworth, New Hampshire

Traveled Territories: Hawaii, New York, Florida, Netherlands, Alaska

Hobbies: Makeup, Bass Guitar, Singing

Fears: None

Religion: Baptist

  • Why? Aspen grew up in a baptist household.

Health Behaviors 

Physical Ailments/Issues: None
Addictions: Cigarettes, Marijuana

  • Why? When Aspen gets anxious or stressed, Aspen will smoke a newport, or a backwood 

Any Regular Medication Taken: No

Chronological Information 

Profession: Student/Musician
Likes: Punk Rock, Alternate Rock, Metal, Burlesque style makeup, Loud music, Concerts, Smoking, Eating, Greasers
Dislikes: Her sister Morgan, Cheerleaders, Fake people, Snitches, Nerds, Jocks, Misogynists

Personal Attributes

Pros: Outgoing, Kind, Affectionate, Funny, Charismatic, Seductive, Savage, Confident

Cons: Hard, Moody, Feisty, Impatient, Possessive, Zany, Critical, Argumentative, Unpredictable, Bold


  • Keeps calm in even the worst of situations
  • Affectionate to her friends
  • Has total charisma
  • Confident in her self image
  • Can make almost everybody's day with a joke
  • Outgoing when with her friends
  • Highly Seductive
  • Easy to make friends with
  • Easy to get to know


  • Quick to cut people off
  • Extremely feisty when woken up early
  • Can't wait for long periods of time
  • Extremely possessive of her friends
  • Quick to argue
  • Hard to understand
  • Highly critical of people's flaws
  • Unpredictable mood swings
  • Unpredictable in general

Ratings on qualities 

Physical Strength - (3/10)

  • Aspen isn't a fighter, and can't see a punch coming. The best she can do in a fight is kick and scratch, and slap.

Attractiveness:  - (10/10)

  • Aspen has a naturally pretty face, with a beautiful body to go with it, and an abundance of eye catching tattoos on her arms.

Rule Abiding - (5/10)

  • She is in between following the rules and breaking the rules. She will follow the rules in class, but there's no guarantee that she'll follow the rules when she's out of class. 

Honesty - (6/10)

  • Aspen is ten times more honest than her younger sister, if she gets into a relationship, she's not going to lie to people to get what she wants. However, she does tell white lies from time to time. However, when she's with her best friends or her parents, she's honest with them.

Sociability - (6/10)

  • Aspen is one of the more sociable members of her clique. She gets along with a lot of people, and she's easy to agree with on many subjects.

Bullworth Academy Information 

Reason for Enrolling: It was close by, and there was a law in town requiring poorer students to be enrolled into the academy.
Clique: Revolutionists
Standing and rank in social circle: She is a long time member of the clique

Room Number: N/A
Roommates: N/A
Favorite Subject(s): Music, Consumer Math, English, Art

  • Why? "I like art, because it really helps me out with my mood, and I like Music because Mrs. Peters lets my friends and I play the songs we've recorded during class, and I like Consumer Math because it's easy to learn and I'm learning how to not be broke and there's no homework. Lastly, English is my all time favorite because the class is easy, and Mr. Galloway gives me high grades for the lyrics I've written.

Least Favorite Subject(s): Home Economics, Math, Gym

  • Why? "Home Economics blows because it's sexist and because the teacher is so old fashioned. Next, I detest maths because it's so damn difficult and I barely learn anything. Lastly, gym sucks because I share the class with a bunch of fake people and cheerleaders

Favorite Teacher(s): Ms. Phillips, Mr. Wayne, Neil, Mr. Galloway, Mrs. Peters

  • Why? "Ms. Phillips is a beautiful woman, and she gave me some tips on how to do pinup and burlesque style makeup, and she's really cool when you talk to her. Mr. Wayne is one awesome and inspirational guy, and he's an awesome teacher. Neil is cool because he told me he was in a band when he was my age. Mr. Galloway is another great teacher because he's funny, and he knows how to make class fun. Lastly, Mrs. Peters is my absolute favorite because she lets me and my friends have band practice in her room when she's not there."

Least favorite teacher(s): Mr. Hattrick, Mrs. Peabody, Mr. Burton.

  • Why? "Mr. Hattrick is the exact definition of a twat, and he's a corrupt asshole. Mrs. Peabody sucks because she's mean and she nags me non-stop. I can't stand Mr. Burton because anytime I go to gym class, I know that he's looking at my thighs."


Closest/Best Friend(s)

Erick Boucher

  • Aspen happened to grow up, best friends with Erick. He's always there at her band's gigs during 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grade, and she's been there for him during times of need. The two are close, and near impossible to separate.

Gregory Todd

  • Just like Erick, Aspen grew up in the streets of New Coventry with Gregory. Whenever she needed emotional support, she went to Gregory to talk about it.

Jarod Plummer

  • Since day one of the revolutionists, Jarod and Aspen hit it off pretty well. However, Aspen doesn't know that Jarod wants to be more than just best friends.

Tracey Prescott

  • Since Tracey moved from Salinas, CA a few years back, Aspen has taken her time to make friends with Tracey. One day, the two started a band. Tracey as the lead singer, and Aspen on the bass.

Sierra Sanchez

  • Just like Tracey, Sierra moved to Bullworth a few months after Aspen met Tracey in 8th grade. She eventually joined the band, as the drummer. The band's first gig was an experience never to be forgotten.

Parker Young

  • Parker and Aspen share a lot of laughs together, Parker always is there to make Aspen's day better.


Bailey Wolfe

  • Aspen does happen to think Bailey's cute, but he isn't looking for a relationship at the moment, so she just enjoys his personality from a friendship perspective. However, when they go spray painting the abandoned military base out of town, they get along well.

Isiah Rossi

  • Isiah is always there to make Aspen laugh, which she likes about him. She also admires his ability to stand up to Fidel Mariscal, and she likes to play guitar with him from time to time. There are also times where he is in Aspen's band as the secondary guitarist.

Robin Sawyer

  • A fellow pinup girl that isn't a total bitch. They frequently hang out together, and style eachother's makeup. They've been good friends since the summer going into Junior year.

Audrey San Lorenzo

  • Another beautiful girl who isn't a bitch. Aspen usually sticks up for Audrey when Mandy or Machaley are bullying Audrey. She thinks Audrey is a beautiful girl, and the feeling is mutual.

Samantha Silacci

  • Samantha and Aspen have one thing in common, their extremely long hair. They frequently style each other's hair, and Aspen has given Samantha a few makeup tips

Anthony Grijalva

  • Like Isiah, Anthony sometimes is able to be a secondary guitarist in Aspen's band. They get along well on the stage, and he has even written a few songs for Aspen's band.

Dima Gurevich

  • Despite the Freerunners and the Revolutionists barely know eachother, Aspen and Dima are good friends. Dima has taught Aspen how to do a backflip, and Aspen gives him bass guitar lessons.

Harmless Acquaintances

Intolerable Students

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