The Auditorium, as its name implies, is the Bullworth Academy auditorium.

Auditorium (4)

The auditorium.

Location Summary

The auditorium consists of a stage, six rows of seats on the ground floor, four box seat areas on the left and right walls, and a large balcony parallel to the stage. There is also an AV room, complete with what appears to be a soundboard.

The ground seats are divided into six rows, alternating between twelve and thirteen seats. The row closest to the stage has thirteen seats, the one behind that has twelve, and the third from the stage has thirteen, and so on. The box seat areas themselves have no seats, but rather short corridors with non-accessible doors at the end of them.

At the top of the stage, right above it, are the Greek comedy and tragedy masks over a large sign that reads 'Bullworth Academy'. Banners reading 'Bullworth Academy' are present at various locations in the auditorium.

There is a door by the cafeteria labeled 'Auditorium', which presumably leads to the auditorium though it is inaccessible to Jimmy. Similarly, by the office, there is a door marked 'AV-Room', which is also inaccessible to Jimmy.

In-Game Role

The auditorium appears once in Bully, and twice in Bully: Scholarship Edition. In both Bully and Bully: SE, the mission The Candidate takes place in the auditorium, in which Jimmy Hopkins protects class president candidate and leader of the Nerds, Earnest Jones.

In Bully: Scholarship Edition, the auditorium is the location of Miss Peters' Christmas Pageant, in which Jimmy replaces an unnamed percussionist during the mission Nutcrackin'.


  • AV room. (Note the brightness has been upped)
  • AV room. (Note the brightness has been upped)

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