Not to be confused with Audrey San Lorenzo, a similarily named character created by Westside JDM

"Everybody here are such selfish assholes."
— Audrilynn
Audrilynn Ucelli
Audrilynn Lattimore
Birthday October 25th, 1990
Aliases - Audri
Eye Color Achat Gray
Hair Color Beluga Brown
Height 5'4
Grade Senior
Clique None
Status Bullworth's 5th finest girl.
Gender Female
Rival Machaley Edgemon
Affiliations Jackie Schivo - Best friend
Gracie James - Best Friend
Creator Westside JDM

Audrilynn Ucelli is a second generation Original character going under re-development by Westside JDM.       


She stands at a height of about 5'4. She has Beluga brown hair, with Achat gray eyes, she has a very pretty face with a memorable smile.

Uniform wise, she wears the non-clique uniform, with white knee socks and black Mary-Janes

In the winter, she puts on white tights, uggs, a beanie, and white gloves.


Audri is a very friendly person, who has a heart of gold, She always thinks outside of the box, and is always sure to show some initiative. She is friendly with everybody. She's a good friend to have, and there is really no way anybody could hate her, unless they're fake.

She is a charismatic person, and she has a great sense of humor, and she always has a good joke in store for everyone. When there is a party nearby, she'll always be there to light it up for everyone.    

She always looks out for her friends, and in the event of depression, a pet death, or a breakup, and she'll help cheer them up, because she's a great person to talk to about how you feel.    

She is a very supportive person, she always has her friend´s backs, when they are feeling down, she can cheer them up.    

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