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Austin 1

I look at that thought as the only time I was ever stupid.

-Austin Northrop, upon seeing Bullworth Academy

Austin Nathaniel Northrop III is the first cousin of Russell Northrop, and second-in-command of the Nerds.


Austin was born in the shadow (literally, shadow) of Russell Northrop. Austin and Russel were nothing alike, at all. But, that didn't stop them from becoming best friends.

After Austin's parents died in a freak car accident, (which Austin developed motorphobia from) Russel's parents took Austin in. They went to the same school, Bullworth Public Schools. Austin got straight A's, Russel got straight B's and C's (thanks to Austin) before he got expelled in the eight grade. Russel's parents sent him to Bullworth Academy. Unfortunatly, he kept on getting in trouble for bullying, so Russel's parents begged Austin to switch schools and try to control him. Austin was reluctant at first, but he decided that he would rather have to switch schools than to have Russel expelled, again.


Austin is the most loose and outgoing of the Nerds. He does not believe in social hierarchy and thinks it is stupid and childish. He has a keen intrest in Star Wars and Star Trek, sometimes even greeting people with the "Spock sign."