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"Trust is for wimps"
— Autumn
Autumn Kohler
Autmn Kohler-San Lorenzo
Birthday August 1st, 1991
Eye Color Nogaro Blue
Hair Color Off black
Height 5'5
Grade Sophomore
Clique Goths
Status Follower
Relationship Status Single
Gender Female
Family Elizabeth Kohler - Mother
Kris Van Driedrich - Father
Andreas Kohler - Brother
Bella Kohler - Aunt
Daniel San Lorenzo - Uncle
Audrey San Lorenzo - Cousin
Paige San Lorenzo - Cousin
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Nationality German
Rival Samantha Silacci
Alexei Popovich
Nicole Borrego
Affiliations Anti-social
Main Hangouts Girl's Dorm
Creator Westside JDM
Signature Autumn Louise Kohler
Autumn Louise Kohler

Autmn Kohler is a third-generation Original Character created by Westside JDM, She is the cousin of the San Lorenzoes, JDM's best characters.


She walks around school with a mean look on her face

Like her cousins, she has off-black hair and nogaro blue eyes, She disregards the school uniform, and wears a black turtle neck, with a black skirt, and black knee socks, with black shoes and mascara.

In the winter, she puts on a black jacket and she wears a heavy rain coat with black gloves.

She is of an average height.


To add to the mean look on her face, Autumn is a very mean person, she almost always instantly hates people when being introduced to them, and she usually never talks to them again, and avoids talking to them

She is also extremely cruel to her cousins, and her brother. Audrey always tries to reach out to her, and bond with her, but all Autumn does is insult her and has even hit Audrey a couple of times.

Autumn is known to be extremely self centered. She doesn't share anything with anyone. She wants everything for herself.

She also is a misanthrope, and she trusts nobody at all. Her motto is "Trust is for wimps." She hates being around people.

She also is a shallow person around people she doesn't know, If there is somebody she doesn't like and they cross paths with her often, she's likely to call them a stalker, even if they never said anything to her at all, little does Autumn know of how hurtful such a word can be towards people, she also stereotypes every single nerd as a stalker, despite only Donald and Earnest are the real stalkers of that respective clique

She doesn't know how to take a joke, When somebody teases her, and tries to be her friend, she's likely to tell them to screw off, because she doesn't know when they are joking, and she usually think they are insulting her.

She sometimes is so angry, she adapts to the personality of a mute, meaning she doesn't talk to anyone at all, when she's being a mute, if somebody calls her name at the moment, she'll look at them for a second and then walk away, and then will ignore them

Interests, Hobbies, and Talents

She likes to prank her cousin Audrey, because she rarely gets angry. The only time she gets angry is when she throws tomatoes at Audrey when she's at cheerleading practice.

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