Autumn Kohler is a third generation character created by Westside JDM

General Dialogue

Walking around

  • "Trust is for wimps."
  • "Cousin Audrey is so annoying, So what if she lost that stupid competition?"
  • "Alexei is too good for Audrey, honestly."
  • "I wonder what's on TV right now."
  • "This place has nothing to do."
  • "Those wannabe army guys are so weird."

Watching a fight

  • "Rip his head off!"
  • "I want to see some blood! You pussies!"
  • "If only it was a fair fight!"

Greeted by/Greeting

On good terms

  • *Winks* "Suhh dude!"
  • "I'm not normally one to talk to people, but you seem interesting."
  • "Heyo!"

On bad terms

  • "I can already smell the desperateness!"
  • "Go away!"
  • "Bye Felicia!"

Saying Goodbye

On Good Terms

  • "See you around."
  • "Well, I'm out."
  • "I have to go."

On Bad Terms

  • "Okay, can you just shut up and get out of here?"
  • "Leave!"
  • "Shut up already!"



  • "I'd pay to see that fight between Misha Melanich and David Falkenberg. I heard Misha knocked David unonscious."
  • "I'm fixing to to see that new movie that came out last week, what do you think?"
  • "They finally opened the gates, huh? I can finally leave this shit hole and go get something to eat."
  • "Mr. Burton is such a creep, I caught him looking at me funny the other day."

Rumor Related

  • "Did you hear Machaley and Julia Edgemon are gonna fight today? I don't know what Machaley was thinking."
  • "Did you know that Marissa Belmonte and Audrey San Lorenzo are cousins?"
  • "I heard those wannabe army guys are planning to take over the school."
  • "Did you hear that Donald Anderson creep showed up at Jackie Schivo's house? She kicked his ass in the streets"
  • "Did you hear that Matt Miller and Maxwell Marquez almost got in a fight? I heard Maxwell pussed out at the last second."

Answering conversation

  • "Yeah, whatever."
  • "I don't really give a shit."
  • "What ever floats your boat."
  • "Oh yeah or what?"

Responding to rumor

  • "That's some military grade bullshit right there."
  • "Which Bullworth bitch did you hear this from? Mandy or Christy?"
  • "Yeah right, I heard that the other day from Yoshiko, that Japanese girl"


Knocked out

  • "Ohhhh man... I don't feel to good..."
  • "I think I'll just lay here for now..."
  • "I've been waiting for a while to get my ass kicked..."

Hit by a bike

  • "Just fucking because? Or what?"
  • "How did you not see me? I'm wearing all black in broad daylight!"
  • "Dumbass!"

Hit by a car

  • "Who the hell taught your stupid ass how to drive?"
  • "They will give retards like you a license, but not me?!"
  • "Learn how to drive, mother fucker!"

Rat thrown at her

  • "I'm gonna go fucking burn these clothes!"
  • "Nasty! You sick mother fucker!"
  • "You son of a bitch!"

Don't hit

  • "Hit my cousins! not me!"
  • "You do know we can go back to being enemies, right?"
  • "Cut it out, you retard!"
  • "Are you fucking Bi-polar or something?!


On good terms

  • "Hey man, We're friends, right?"
  • *Rolls eyes* "Here we go with this guy having a Bi-polar episode again."
  • "What the hell's the matter with you?!"

On bad terms

  • *Flips them off* "I've been wanting to do this for a long time!"
  • "You're fucking worthless!"
  • "You're an irrelevant prick!"

Not impressed by insult

  • "How many brain cells did you use to come up with that?"
  • "You should get some help with your insulting prowess."
  • "I don't really give a shit about what you have to say."

Flirted With

On good terms

  • "Smooth as the street."
  • "Fuck it, I'm probably a better kisser than my cousins."
  • "Confidence goals!"

On bad terms

  • "Fuck off you dork!"
  • "Kissless Virgin or what?"
  • "Oh no you didn't!"

Kissing Related


  • "Goth girls are probably better kissers than any other girl."
  • "This is gonna be good."
  • "I'm definitely gonna enjoy this."

Post kiss

  • "That felt nice."
  • "You want my phone number?"
  • "Good shit."

Butt Pinched

  • "You want to die?"
  • "Hey, fuck you!"
  • "Don't god damn touch me!"

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