"It was boring back in Dandong, but my friends and I found other ways to entertain ourselves."
— Kai Leu

Back in Dandong is a fanfiction story that will be written by Westside JDM. The protagonist being featured is Kai Leu, and his best friends, Zhou Peng and Jun-Sang Parc with their female friend, Harper Nguyen. The story will take place a year before they are sent to Bullworth Academy, when they are 16 years old. It will be written in tandem with Ginji's Return.

Back in Dandong
Cover Art.


Westside JDM



Characters Featured

Kai Leu
Zhou Peng
Jun-Sang Parc
Harper Nguyen


In progress

Story Background

The story of Kai Leu's past, about two years before he was sent to Bullworth. All the mischief he caused with his best friends, Zhou Peng and Jun-Sang Parc. He did many mischievous actions such as TPing old people's houses, to ding dong ditching, to shoplifting.

It was the one day when his parents had enough of his mischief when the local police department appeared at his doorstep, and was exiled from sent to Bullworth Academy.


Back in 2004, Kai Leu and his pact of many friends were known for their long rap sheets, and their endless need to cause trouble in the city of Dandong. It was one day, Kai and three of his friends took their shenanigans too far, and their parents decided to get rid of them, and send them to Bullworth Academy, in hopes that they would be changed.

Characters featured

Kai Leu


The Prankster

Name: Kai Leu

Age: 16 (Beginning) 17 (End)

Clique: Felony Fighters

Kai is an adrenaline junky. He likes getting himself into intense situations with the authorities and running from them. He also enjoys fighting, and sparring with his best friend, Zhou. They both have been best friends since the second grade, and have always been trouble makers.

The Best Friend

Zhou Peng


Name: Zhou Peng

Age: 16 (Beginning) 17 (End)

Clique: Felony Fighters

When Kai needs to be bailed out or needs someone to back him up in a fight, Zhou has always been there for Kai. He is another adrenaline junkie looking for something to do in the sleepy town of Dandong, China. He enjoys eating food, and sparring with his best friend.

The North Korean Neighbor

Jun Sang Parc


Name: Jun-Sang Parc

Age: 16 (Beginning) 17 (End)

Clique: Felony Fighters

Jun-Sang's family barely escaped North Korea, into the neighboring country, China. His family has been in hiding there since he was ten years old. He is cautious, but he doesn't mind stirring up trouble with his two best friends.

The Love Interest

Chau Nguyen


Name: Harper Nguyen

Age: 16 (Beginning) 17 End)

Clique: None

Harper is that girl who's always liked Kai more than just a friend. He taught her martial arts, and she's recognized as a feared fighter in Tianjiao high. She likes to stir up trouble with the three dissidents on the occasion, but none of them are truly aware of her crush on Kai.

The Enemy

Name: Danyen Phuc

Age: 16 (Beginning) 17 (End)

Clique: None

Danyen and Kai have been mortal enemies since 5th grade. He enjoys igniting rivalries with Kai and his big group of friends. He wants to reignite the rivalry he's always had with Kai, and make his sophomore year hell for him.


Chapter One Back in Dandong
Chapter Two A pact that is packed
Chapter Three A tour of North Korea
Chapter Four First day in the NK
Chapter Five A museum about a war that is still going on
Chapter Six A trip to Pyongyang
Chapter Seven Return to Dandong
Chapter Eight Danyen's Revenge
Chapter Nine Revenge of the Vengeance
Chapter Ten Harper's Chapter

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