"Not sure how you expect me to feel." -Bailey McCusker.

Bailey is a non-clique student who, despite her Goth aesthetic, is nothing of the sorts.


Bailey is shy, though friendly to those that treat others well. She has little tolerance for bullying, or bigotry. Despite her rough looking aesthetic she is one of the nicer students, and even has a good sense of humor. She'll challenge those bigger than her if they indulge in hurting others, and she is wildly defiant despite being innately shy. She is bisexual.

Bailey has a history of depression and often times drops to such a level of despondence when reaching such a level of sadness. Despite her mean looking appearance she is also very sensitive as well. She also is rebellious and stands firmly against all forms of oppression.


Bailey stands at 5'3", and weighs 110 pounds. She has a very petite, yet athletic build. She has short, shaggy blond hair that she dyed green. She also prefers dark clothing and wears black cargo pants, along with black boots, and a black leather jacket over her school uniform. She has a nose ring, and a lip ring. Despite her rebellious appearance she is described as extremely attractive, even so that many of the Jocks have overt crushes on her. She has no knowledge of her attractiveness however, and is seemingly oblivious to it, even when flirted with.


Bailey grew up in Bullworth Town after it was deemed her mom couldn't take care of her, thus leaving the responsibility to her aunt, Crystal. Initially Bailey's aunt couldn't afford a scholarship for Bullworth but when all admittance of kids in the town was passed with the recent law Bailey began to attend the school. Bailey began to rebel against the aggressive, and malignant school staff, and the bullies.

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