"Well, my little friend, I'm the KING around here! ME!"
— Johnny Vincent

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Bait is a storyline mission in Chapter 3 of Bully.

Johnny and Jimmy talking.
Location: Underpass in New Coventry
Time(s) Available: Before 11PM
Faction: Greasers +5

Preppies -5

Reward: $20
BMX Park Unlocked
Unlocks: Wrong Part of Town
Glass House

Mission Summary

Johnny Vincent and Jimmy Hopkins stand at the underpass to New Coventry. Johnny is pacing back and forth, wondering aloud to Jimmy what Lola sees in Gord that she doesn't in Johnny. Jimmy replies 'nothing', and Johnny takes it as Jimmy mocking him. He goes off on Jimmy, asking him if he thinks Johnny is a joke. He then goes off to tell Jimmy that he is "the King around here", but his queen (Lola) is a 'slut', causing everyone to laugh at him.

Jimmy replies that he is not laughing at Johnny, and Johnny decides that the two of them will teach Gord to stay away from Johnny's 'woman'. He tells Jimmy to lead Gord to the abandoned building in New Coventry behind Union Hall, where Johnny will be waiting to 'school' him.

Heading out to Bullworth Town to find Gord, Jimmy sees Gord riding bikes around with Bryce. He provokes them into chasing him (either by knocking one off a bike or attacking them), and then leads them to the BMX park. When they are almost there, Parker shows up, throwing firecrackers.

They enter the BMX park, where Johnny waits with Vance Medici and Lefty Mancini. He tells Gord that he has been messing where 'he ought not', and Gord initially thinks Johnny is referencing the Preppies' tradition of marrying their first cousins. He realizes that Johnny means Lola, however. He stands with Tad Spencer and Justin Vandervelde.

The Greasers attack the Preps, and they begin throwing firecrackers at each other as they ride around on their bikes in the BMX park. After all the Preps are knocked out, the mission is passed.

Video Walkthrough

-HD- Bully Scholarship Edition- 36 Bait03:37

-HD- Bully Scholarship Edition- 36 Bait

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