"I mean, one year, I'm living in Greenland, with a posse of elves, and some talking reindeer and the next I'm getting treated like a drunken fool, thrown out of the North Pole and... put to work in a dump of a town like this."
— Rudy

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Balls of Snow is a storyline mission in Chapter 3 of Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Balls of Snow
Balls of snow
Jimmy talking to Rudy.
Location: Burned down building in New Coventry
Time(s) Available: Before 11PM
Reward: Reindeer Antlers
Unlocks: Miracle on Bullworth St.

Mission Summary

Rudy the Fake Santa is sitting by a deteriorated building, drinking. As Jimmy Hopkins walks by, he stops him, and asks him for a lighter. Jimmy answers no, so Rudy asks if Jimmy wants to sit on his knee. Angry, Jimmy asks Rudy if he wants a kick in the balls.

Rudy apologizes, telling Jimmy he is 'down on his luck'. He tells him how he used to live in Greenland with a 'posse of elves and some talking reindeer', and how now he is treated like a 'drunken fool' after being thrown out of the North Pole and forced to work in a 'dump of a town' like Bullworth. Jimmy tells him he is creeping him out, and Rudy wonders aloud why everyone says that to him. Sarcastically, Jimmy tells him he cannot imagine why. Rudy goes on to tell Jimmy that earlier, he was being harassed by some kids who were calling him a pervert and throwing snowballs at him. Sobbing, Rudy tells Jimmy he is just like them, a 'little red haired bully'.

Jimmy asks Rudy what kids were harassing him, and Rudy beckons to the Townies, calling them tough, and not the rich kids from Bullworth Academy that are 'mommy coddled' like Jimmy. He goes on to say he misses Prancer, his favorite reindeer, and begins sobbing again, claiming he is falling apart. Taking pity on him, Jimmy asks where the Townies are, and Rudy tells him.

There is a building on top of which their is a pile of snow. Jimmy climbs up onto this building via ladder, and begins throwing snowballs at the Townies. Hitting adults with snowballs fails the mission. After Jimmy hits ten Townies, he climbs down to meet Rudy, who thanks him and then passes out as he does a Santa laugh. Jimmy wishes him luck with the reindeer, calls him a maniac, and walks off.

Video Walkthrough

-HD- Bully Scholarship Edition- 29 Balls of Snow04:19

-HD- Bully Scholarship Edition- 29 Balls of Snow

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