"Well your place in life is in my toilet, you trust fund turd."
— Ricky Pucino

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Beach Rumble is a storyline mission in Chapter 2 of Bully.

Beach Rumble
Beach rumble
Jimmy and Ricky in Shiny Bikes as Chad and Gord enter.
Location: Shiny Bikes
Time(s) Available: Before 11PM
Faction: Preppies -10
Reward: Crappy room trophy
Unlocks: Tad's House
Bike Races
Weed Killer

Mission Summary

Ricky Pucino stands in the Shiny Bikes Outlet in Old Bullworth Vale, conversing with Tobias Mason.

Tobias is advising Ricky to get a C785, dismantle it, and re-couple it with a 767 in titanium, as it is what the pros do, and will make his bike faster. Ricky admits that he had planned to get a 976 because he believed it would make him appear important amongst his peers, but Tobias teases him by asking Ricky if he's a girl.

Jimmy Hopkins enters, and Tobias immediately recognizes him as the 'kid who won the race'. He brings out Jimmy's trophy and introduces it to him as molded plastic covered in aluminum wrap with Jimmy's name misspelled on it.

Chad Morris and Gord Vendome enter, and Chad mockingly presents Ricky, Jimmy, and Tobias to Gord as 'a bunch of guys whose career aspirations are to work in stores'. Gord tells Chad it is fabulous, as he loves it when people 'know their place in life'. The two laugh, and Ricky approaches Gord, threatening him that his place in life is Ricky's toilet, and then proceeds to call him a 'trust fund turd'. Chad asks Ricky if he 'has flushing toilets in his trailer'.

Jimmy interrupts, calling both Chad and Gord scum bags, while Ricky starts egging on Chad to fight. Meanwhile, Gord leans up against the counter inspecting Jimmy's trophy, and then grabs it and runs off with Chad. Jimmy chases after them, as Ricky and Tobias stand staring.

Jimmy exits Shiny Bikes, and Ricky comes out, offering to help Jimmy handle the Preps. The two run onto the beach, where Gord has hidden inside of the Beach House. Three Preps run out of the beach house, and Ricky and Jimmy beat them up. After doing so, Gord and two other Preps come out of the house, Gord holding the trophy. Jimmy and Ricky beat up the three additional Preps, and Jimmy gets his trophy back.

Video Walkthrough

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 23 Beach Rumble02:44

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 23 Beach Rumble


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