"My fear is that I'll end up working at a bookstore when I'm thirty, because all I have is a Master's degree from some LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE!"
— Beatrice Trudeau

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Beatrice Trudeau is a member of the Nerds clique in Bully.

Beatrice Trudeau
Beatrice Trudeau
Clique Nerds
Gender Female
Kissable Yes
Missions That Bitch
The Diary
Voice Actor Caitlin Greer

Character Summary

Beatrice is the only female member of her clique. She is underweight and has dirty blond hair worn with a pink bow at the top. She wears green glasses over her brown eyes, and a kelly green Bullworth dress over a white school shirt. In the winter, Beatrice wears dark green leggings, mittens, green boots, and yellow earmuffs to her outfit. Her pajamas are light green.

According to Mandy, Beatrice has braces, however, they are only seen on her winter game model. She also suffers from cold sores and has to spend time in a climate-controlled room for unknown reasons.

Beatrice at the Library

Beatrice is a common target of bullying for the other cliques and is bullied in particular by Mandy and Pinky. Mandy refuses to allow Beatrice to join the cheer squad, and Beatrice refuses to allow Mandy to receive any homework help from the nerd-run study groups. Troy believes a rumor that Beatrice is a "slut who pounds the Nerd boys".

Beatrice's room trophy, awarded upon completion of The Diary.

Beatrice aspires to be a doctor, wanting to be either a neurologist or cardiovascular surgeon, and to find the cure for cancer. She also has a keen interest in science and has memorized the periodic table of elements.

She considers Bucky to be a good friend and is unaware that he has a crush on her. Beatrice, in turn, has a crush on Jimmy and fantasizes about their nonexistent Romeo & Juliet romance in her diary.


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