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"I feel like Audrey and Paige are going to be failures later in life."
— Bella
Bella Kohler
Bella Kohler
Birthday June 17, 1968
Eye Color Nogaro Blue
Hair Color Off black
Height 5'3
Relationship Status Married
Gender Female
Family Daniel San Lorenzo - Husband
Audrey San Lorenzo - Oldest Daughter
Paige San Lorenzo - Youngest daughter
Nationality German
Creator Westside JDM

Bella Kohler is a first-generation Original Character created by Westside JDM, She is the mother of Audrey San Lorenzo and Paige San Lorenzo.


Like bother of her daughters and her husband, she has off-black hair and nogaro blue eyes, Her hair is styled differently than Audrey's is.

She is about 5'3 in height, and she wears outdated vintage clothes.

In the winter, she puts on black tights and a leather jacket


She's paranoid that Paige and Audrey weren't raised correctly, as both of them have a crazy past, Paige being sent to live with her grand parents, and Audrey finding out her dad was the leader of a dangerous crime syndicate.

She is still a kind and loving woman, and she will do anything she can to support her daughters.

Relationship with Family

She loves her family, and she's happily married to the perfect man, She is paranoid that Paige and Audrey will not be successful later in life.

She loves her husband, and she's happy that he gave her two daughters that have always been good to them.

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