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"Honestly, my class is probably the most useful out of any of the other classes."
— Benjamin

Benjamin Wayne is a fifth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM. He is based off of theoretically the best teacher Westside has ever had.

Benjamin Wayne
Benjamin Wayne
Aliases - Ben
- Benny
Eye Color Jade Green
Hair Color Brilliant Black
Height 5'10
Clique Teachers
Status Consumer Math and Statistics Teacher
Relationship Status Married
Gender Male
Hometown Salinas, California
Rival Mr. Hattrick
Creator Westside JDM


Benjamin stands at a height of an average 5'10. He has brilliant black hair, and jade green eyes. He also has a light stubble mixed with a 5 o'clock shadow, and side burns.

He wears a lot of hawaiian shirts and blue or black jeans, but in the winter, he puts on a christmas sweater, or a heavy blue jacket. He wears vans shoes.

For Halloween, he dresses as a ninja or a karate master.


Mr. Wayne is said to be a highly supportive teacher, and he is said to be the better math teacher, who teaches the more useful math. When there is a conflict between two students, Mr. Wayne is likely to help solve this conflict.

Unlike Mr. Hattrick, Mr. Wayne is much more knowledgeable in what he teaches, and he teaches his class much better, and gives everybody extra help in what they are struggling with in his class.

Cellphone policy wise, he lets students be on their phones, but only to listen to music. This gives Mr. Wayne a reputation as one of the most liked teachers in the school.

In class, Mr. Wayne is serious, but isn't so serious to the point where you can't have a conversation with him.

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