Mission Dialogue

  • And stay DOWN!
  • Who is the boss!?
  • Weakling!
  • Huh uh! That's the best you can do?!

ALLY About to Leave

  • I gotta bounce.
  • Bif. Out!

ALLY Help Me

  • Gimmie a hand, Jimbo!
  • A little help, please!

Suggesting to provide protection

  • Sure thing.

Getting knocked off bike

  • Stupid bike!
  • That's what I get for riding a poor person's bike!

Comment on successful bike trick

  • I can do better.
  • Whooaa. Nice trick.

Comment on fail attempt at trick

  • I would say get up and try again but what's the difference? You will always be a loser.

Stealing a bike

  • Give me your bike, loser!
  • The rich gets richer!

Has bike stolen from

  • How dare you?!
  • For once in your life, can one of you savages not steal?!


Winning a fight

  • Check me out!
  • I rule!
  • Look at me! I got the eye of an tiger and heart of a lion!
  • You can't hold me!
  • I thought I told you I won't stop!
  • I'm the greatest!
  • Bif rules!
  • Huh. I told you I'd win!

While fighting

  • I'm gonna beat the poor outta you!
  • I don't know why they say poor people make the best boxers!
  • You know I'm the champ, right?!
  • I'm not even tryin'!

Fighting a Townie

  • You know they say boxing is ninety percent mental. But they mean you have to think not be retarded, flunky!

Fighting a Greaser

  • You dress like a tough guy but you can't actually fight!

Fighting a Jock

  • Boxing takes more than just brawn!

Fighting a Nerd

  • How is this for a magic missile attack?! I'm plus nine for beatin' dorks!

Starting a fight

  • If you are dumb enough to fight the Bullworth boxing champ, come on!
  • I'm gonna lay you out!
  • After I beat your ass, I'm gonna have your dad fired!
  • You are so totally dead!

Bumped Into

Friendly Terms

  • Sorry.
  • Didn't see you there.
  • Excuse me.

Unfriendly Terms

  • Ew! Can poor rub off on you?!
  • Poor people are ridiculous!
  • Aren't you my gardner's son?
  • Does your mom clean my house?
  • Keep it up and you will be knocked out by the champ!
  • (After Jimmy's expelled) Outta my way, loser! Get bent!

Bumped into Townie

  • Now I have to shower! Flithy drop out!

Bumped into Greaser

  • Ugh! You smell like gasoline and failure!

Bumped into Nerd

  • Stupid nerd! The rich inherit the earth.

Getting hit with bike/car

  • Wait 'til I tell my father! He's an attorney!
  • You are going to wish sooo you didn't do that!
  • So this it what it feels to get knocked down!

Saying Goodbye

  • I have a thing. I'll see you around.
  • Uhhh. I was suppose to call my chick. We'll talk later.
  • I gotta go. Later.

Saying about carnival

  • My dad's jet is way more exciting.
  • It's cool, I guess. For a crappy fair.

Calling friends for help

  • Help me out already!
  • I think I need a hand with him!


  • Where are you going, loser?!
  • Running only makes me madder!


  • You are so lucky!
  • You can't hide in there forever!

Out of breath

  • *Panting* I thought... *Panting* I was in better shape than this... *Panting*

Walking around talking to himself

  • She'd totally dig me if I had a car.
  • Float like a butterfly, sting like a...! Ugh I need to come up with something new...
  • One day, I'll be King!
  • Does my trust fund kick in at eighteen or twenty-one?
  • I wonder how many seven year olds I can beat up?


  • I've had enough of this garbage!
  • This is ridiculous!

When confused

  • I don't even know where to begin.


  • Good job!
  • Way to go!

During a conversation

  • I was just thinking.
  • Guess what I heard?
  • It's a fact that greaser chicks are fifty percent easier to score with. But who would want to?
  • My father donated all that money to build the new library. And yet I'm still forced to go to class with these greaseballs!
  • She's been with almost the entire starting lineup. All she needs is a left tackle and a slapback.
  • I can't believe how many of the have nots they let into this place these days.
  • I heard somewhere that rich people use a higher percentage of their brain.
  • I think we would be more competitive if we toss all the loser poor people out of this school.
  • Did you hear? There's a new kid coming to school. He's suppose to be some type of badass.
  • The carnival is coming back soon. I hope it doesn't suck this year.
  • I hear it's about to pop off at the greasers.
  • I heard the nerds are starting a war with the jocks. They are screwed.
  • I know that punk Jimmy is behind this somehow.
  • Did you see what happened to Mr. Burton? Huh uh, it was so awesome!
  • That's nuts!
  • I know, right?
  • How crazy is that?
  • Cool, right?
  • I'm so stupid!
  • This is gonna end so badly!
  • Man, that sucked!
  • I can't believe I screwed that up!
  • That's what you get.
  • We all got problems.
  • I'm sorry you feel that way.
  • Well, what do you want from me?
  • Deal with it!
  • This place is gonna have birds.
  • They let anyone in here now.
  • I remember on being a student at Bullworth meant something.
  • This place is going down.
  • I have to leave.
  • It was good talking to you but I have to run.
  • I'm out.
  • One of these days the greasers are going down. And I'm gonna be the man that does it!
  • Things are going to change it to school when I'm running things.
  • When I have some free time, I might take Johnny Vincent down a peg.
  • I think my dad's going to bulldoze some low-income housing. That should eliminate some of the losers in this school.
  • Yeah, I guess.
  • I can see where'd you think that.
  • That's cool.
  • You ever fought before?
  • You ever been knocked out?
  • You ever go biking?
  • You ever sneak out at night?
  • Of course.
  • Not in your lifetime.
  • No way, loser.
  • Nah. It's not a big deal.


Losing Dodgeball

  • I'm a disgrace!
  • I'm pathetic!
  • That's what I get for sneaking out last night!
  • Maybe one of you could uh... tried or something?!
  • Do I have to do everything?!
  • We suck!

Winning Dodgeball

  • Nobody can stop us!
  • We run this school!
  • Good job, fellas!
  • Now that's team work!
  • Way to go, guys!

Insulting Opponent

  • Are you sure you want to go against us?


  • Savages!

Hit by friendly fire

  • Not cool, man. Not cool.
  • Stop it, jerk!
  • I thought we were friends!

Knocked out

  • I need my nanny!
  • This isn't over by a long shot!
  • My dad is so gonna fire yours...!
  • Ohh mommy...
  • You may have beaten me... But I'm still rich...!
  • Doesn't mean anything... There is no title on the line...

Low Blow

  • Ugh! Low blow! Ugh...

Spat on

  • You savage!

Watching a fight

  • This must be how the Romans felt!
  • I hope you both lose!
  • Finish with a HOOK!

Hit by sneak attacks

  • What the f?!

When fire alarm is pulled off

  • Saved by the bell!


  • You're not gonna hit me. Are you...?
  • You're not mad. Are you...?

Food Fight

  • You wanna go?! Feel the force of shepherd's pie, bitches!

Watching a freak show

  • They are so disgusting! Do you think they can hear me with their super freak hearing?

After getting money from his victim

  • You're the best!
  • You see, this is why we are friends.

Demanding money

  • Pay up, punk!
  • Give me your lunch money or I will break your face!
  • I'm either gonna eat lunch or kick your ass! You decide which one I do.

Hiring for money

  • I suppose I could be bribe.
  • Perhaps you can offer me something.
  • You see, I'm not without compassion.


  • Pleasure doing business with ya.
  • I have a feeling business will be booming with you around.

Giving a gift

  • Take this.


  • Heyy.
  • It's a great day to be rich!
  • What's up?

Greeting authority

  • Ma'am?
  • Sir?

Complimenting clothes

  • Lookin' sharp!
  • Your hair looks great! Did Jonathan do it?
  • Nicee hat!
  • Dig the pants!
  • Cool kicks!
  • Nice shirt. It's that Aquaberry?


  • What'sss up, hotness?


  • Money. Looks. More than anyone can need?
  • I'd do me!

Requesting an errand

  • Pay attention here!
  • Listen up! I need you to do me a solid.
  • Can you help me out for a sec?

Being indignant

  • Get a life, jerk!
  • Drop head!
  • Ugh! I'm so short!

Greeting when scared

  • What's up...?


  • You're the worst!
  • Give up already!
  • Stop embarrassing yourself!


  • Hah ahahahahaha!
  • Huh uh uh uh uh!


  • I can't wait to hit that guy!


  • *Is just belching and coughing*

Hit by a thrown dead rat

  • Get it off me!

Greeting Jimmy in bad terms

  • Oh great! It's the king of the school.
  • Jimmy's here! Big deal!
  • Hey, tough guy.

Greeting Jimmy in good terms

  • Well if isn't the number one contender!
  • Hey, buddy!


  • Come on, guy! We don't have to fight!
  • You don't want to waste your time on me...
  • Listen, man. I'm not really rich...

Aiding a fight

  • Don't sweat it! I got your back!
  • You mess with my friends, you mess with ME!

Perceiving thing as cool

  • That was so cool!
  • Awesome!

Perceiving thing as crap

  • Well, that sucked!
  • I thought it would be cooler than that!

While seen vandalism

  • That's it! You're dead!

Insulting the tag

  • I can't believe you'd do that!
  • Awww! I love the smell of cherry bombs in the morning!

Weapon fired

  • RPG!

Hit by stink bomb

  • Ugh! Smells like a zombie abortion in here!
  • I gotta get out of here!


  • Not exactly couture...
  • Some of the stuff is cool!

Suck up

  • You know I was just kiddin' before, right...?
  • Hey! How's it going, buddy?
  • You're so cool, you would never hit me.

Seeing someone tagging a wall

  • How about I tag you?!


  • I think I know who you're looking for.
  • Not that I'm a rat but I heard *whispering someone's name* was behind the wholee thing!


  • Sit and spin!
  • My fist is registered as weapons!
  • You dropped something?
  • Have you ever bird-watched?
  • Check this out!
  • Get a load of this!
  • You want a piece of this?!
  • You hungry?! Cause I got knuckle sandwiches!
  • Keep it up and I will lay you out!
  • Punks jump up to get beat down!
  • That's it! You're a dead man!

Ignoring fight/Accepting apology

  • I'm a main event. I don't have time fighting under car.
  • You're lucky I'm one strike way from suspension. Other wise I will lay you out!
  • I'd fight you but coach says I have to rest my fists.


  • You want some of this?!
  • You wanna go?!
  • You're not so tough!
  • Come on! Let's go!

Insulting the new kid

  • Fresh fish in the line!

Kicking someone out from turf

  • No hobos allowed!

Commenting on bad clothes

  • Did your mom dress you today?
  • Nice hair. For a chick!
  • I think I threw my pants out, last year!
  • Did you get your shoes at the dollar store?
  • Oohhh, a tattoo! How original.
  • You have egg on your face! Litterally.
  • Heyy, egg head. *With a laughing voice*
  • You may look cool but you are still a zero.
  • Does good well do hats to?


  • Whyyyyy meee? *Sobing*

Ignoring taunt

  • Whatever!
  • Really?
  • That's funny.


  • Please don't hit me!
  • Not in the face!
  • I'm sorry! I was just kidding!

Leading the way

  • Over here!
  • Come on! Follow me!


  • Thanks! I really appreciate this.
  • Cool! Thanks!


Getting a swirly

  • Please! No! There's still a turd in there!
  • Stop it! I give up!
  • I'd give you anything you want! Please don't put my head in there!

After getting a swirly

  • I think that toilet needs to be clean...
  • That wasn't all refreshing...
  • I thought when I got big, this wouldn't happen anymore...

When bullied

  • Ugh. Thank god it's over!
  • I thought it would never end.

Physical bullying

  • That's what you get for being a zero!
  • Next time, have lunch money!
  • I bet you liked that! Didn't you?!
  • You're lucky that would only bruise!


  • This place is turning to crap!

Turning off the television

  • Hey zero, I was watching that!


  • That's what they get for backing a chump.
  • Settle down, jerk!
  • If I wanted lip outta you, I would've jiggled my zipper!
  • When I watch your opinion, I would rattle your cage!
  • I suppose you think that's funny!
  • I can't believe you think you can talk to me like that!
  • Tough talk! But can you back it up?
  • Keep your eye on the prize!
  • You need to stay focused!
  • What the hell is that?

Other students talking about Bif

  • Melody: Did you hear that Johnny and Bif are going to fight each other?
  • Tad: Derby may not be happy with Bif, after I have a chat with him.
  • Dan: Apparently Derby and Bif are gay for each other.
  • Lucky: When I picked a fight with that boxer, I did lose, but come on! I was tired.