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Biology is one of the classes available at Bullworth Academy in Bully: Scholarship Edition.


Dr. Slawter, the Biology teacher.

Class Summary


Jimmy entering the Biology classroom.

Biology is taught by Dr. Slawter, and consists of the player moving their cursor along a specimen using a variety of dissection tools in order to complete a class dissection. there is a time limit. The class is exclusive to Bully: Scholarship Edition.

The class itself revolves entirely around students performing dissections on different specimens. They use a scalpel to cut, a magnifying glass to identify different organs, forceps to remove organs and place them into Petri dishes, and pins to secure specimens to the tray.


The classroom itself is filled with specimens in jars, models of organs, and even taxidermy animals. On the same wall as the door, Dr. Slawter has presumably placed everything ranging from class textbooks to a severed human head kept in a jar.

There is a total of eight lab tables, four on each side of the classroom. They appear to be large enough for two students each.


Class Specimen Reward
Biology 1 Frog Muscle shirt
Biology 2 Rat Hazmat Headgear
Biology 3 Fish Bass Hat
Biology 4 Pigeon Alien Outfit
Biology 5 Fetal Pig Human Skeleton room trophy

Pig Head Hat


  • The specimen dissected in Biology 1.
  • The specimen dissected in Biology 2.
  • The specimen dissected in Biology 3.
  • The specimen dissected in Biology 4.
  • The specimen dissected in Biology 5.