"I need to work on my arm if I'm ever gonna make QB."
— Bo Jackson

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Bo Jackson is a member of the Jocks clique in Bully.

Bo Jackson
Clique Jocks
Gender Male
Family Gloria Jackson UNKNWN
Lance Jackson UNKNWN
Kissable No
Voice Actor Jason Fuchs

Character Summary

Bo is a medium sized, black jock. He has light brown eyes and wears a blue team sweater and a backwards white baseball cap. He does not change outfits for the winter. Underneath his cap, he has a generic close-cut hairdo. He speaks in slight Ebonics.

Bo isn't high ranking on the football team and doesn't speak out often. He wants to play quarterback and is thinking of switching schools if he doesn't get the job after Ted graduates.

Somewhat like Parker of the Preppies, Bo seems to be a nice guy by nature forced to be a jerk by the culture at Bullworth Academy. He attends his classes and does his own homework, and he maintains a good relationship with his parents, especially his dad, with whom he goes hunting. Bo dislikes Jimmy even after Jimmy defeats the Jocks, and considers him to be a bully.

He is thought by some fans to be the older brother or some sort of relative of Gloria and Lance, as the three of them share a surname, skin color, and are all intelligent.


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