Wandering around

  • I need to work on my arm if I'm ever gonna make QB.
  • Frickin' Hopkins, man...
  • I'll call my folks later on.
  • Hope she calls me... hope she calls me.
  • Man. This itch won't stop.
  • Gotta remember to talk to coach.


  • You ever go deer hunting with your old man?
  • Hopkins is a cheat and a rat and he's gonna get what's coming to him!
  • If I don't get QB next year I might switch schools.
  • The jocks are so annoying sometimes.
  • You know, There's a new girl around town. She looks pretty easy.
  • Well, I'm glad she rejected me. I would have screwed up the date anyways.
  • My old man says I'm the best QB he's seen since '86.
  • I wish I could say goodbye one last time. I miss her. She was the best damn pet a guy could have.
  • Word is Gary is chummin' around with some new guy. I don't know what that's about.

When attacking

  • I'm gonna wipe you all over the concrete!
  • Me and you, let's go!
  • You ready for the pain?
  • This is the end for you!

While fighting

  • You want some more, punk?
  • I can go all day!
  • You're likin that aintcha?
  • C'mon turn it on a bit

While chasing

  • You know you deserve it!
  • Keep running and I'll keep getting more pissed!


  • I’m gonna kill the bastard!


  • Ayyyyyye! Sweetness!

Out of breath

  • Dammit you've been training or something!

When bullied

  • You will pay dearly for this...!


  • Oh my god, is that piss? Are you pissing yourself?

When hidden from

  • You'll get yours, Jimmy, I swear it!
  • Hopkins you're a lucky son of a....DAMN you, Hopkins!

Knocked out

  • Not now, I'm too young!
  • You son of a...!
  • Errrgh, nooooo!
  • Noooo!
  • I won't forget this...
  • Errrrggghh...

Given a swirlie

  • Damn it all to Hell, I feel like such a piece of dirt right now!
  • Why did I come to this stinkin' school?! I just wanna be QB! That's all...
  • I can't believe this, I thought I was cool!

When hit in the groin

  • Awwww, NOO! My children! Ohhh...!

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