"Why is every guy so crazy about chicks? They're like, so boring! Jeez, too much pressure."
— Bob

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Bob is a deleted Jock in Bully.

Clique Jocks
Status Deleted Character
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions The Gym is Burning
Voice Actor Tom Vergow

Character Summary

Bob Burton Bo Gym is Burning

Bob, Mr. Burton, and Bo in the cutscene of The Gym is Burning.

As stated, Bob is a deleted character, though he mistakenly appears in a scene of The Gym is Burning. Bob has short blond hair, and has broad shoulders and is quite muscular. In the cutscene, he wears a wrestling singlet. In an old screenshot of Bully, Bob appeared with plain clothes; a navy blue Bullworth T-shirt over a long sleeved light blue shirt, gray slacks, and white sneakers--the same outfit Juri wears. His wintertime model was removed entirely from the game, so his winter outfit is unknown.

He is very into wrestling, and has his own move that he calls the 'Kneeling Bob'. He frequently references wrestling in his dialogue, as he threatens to suplex and clothesline his opponents, and to use a move called the 'Crossface Chickenwing'; a likely reference to former WWF World Champion Bob Backlund.


Bob on the football field.

He appears to have poor self-esteem, for example whenever he fails to do something he either apologizes, loses his temper, or both. According to him, he is under pressure by both his father and grandfather to do well at sports. Bob himself admits he should be doing better academically, but finds it hard to focus on schoolwork when he could be using the time to work out, which he is very into.

Bob is openly homosexual, and can be heard wondering why the Jocks like girls, as he believes they are boring. He claims that his reason for wrestling is that it is a sexual fetish for him; it is possible that because of this he was removed from the game. Jimmy tells Bob he has the 'personality of a jock strap' in the cutscene of The Gym is Burning.

Bob is among the tougher students at the school. Though his fighting style is mainly the same as the Non-Clique students, he uses the Townies' headbutt. Interestingly, the game files identify him as being a Bully, and if modded into the game's free roam, he behaves as a Bully.


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