"Come on. Afterwards, you can clean my shoes."
— Bif Taylor

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Boxing Challenge is a storyline mission in Chapter 2 of Bully.

Boxing Challenge
Boxing challenge
Jimmy challenging Bif.
Location: Old Bullworth Vale Pier

Unlocks: Dishonorable Fight

Mission Summary

Pete Kowalski and Jimmy Hopkins sit on the pier in Old Bullworth Vale, conversing.

Frustrated, Jimmy asks Pete how he will manage to beat the Preps into submission. Pete asks what Jimmy has tried so far, to which Jimmy answers random violence, widespread destruction, and gratuitous sadism. Pete shakes his head, telling Jimmy that none of those things will work, because they are things that the Preps are used to as they get them regularly at home.

Instead, Pete tells Jimmy that he has to beat one of them publicly, and show them that he is better than their best man. He suggests Jimmy box Bif Taylor. Jimmy agrees, telling Pete it is a good idea, and then heads off. After he walks away, Pete asks if he can come too, but Jimmy either does not hear him or ignores him. Disappointed, Pete tells him not to worry about it, and sits back down. It begins to snow very lightly.

Jimmy heads to the Glass Jaw boxing gym, where he challenges Bif to a boxing match. Behind Bif stand Chad Morris, Tad Spencer, Pinky Gauthier, and Parker Ogilvie. Jimmy tells Bif that may the best man win, and then adds to the Preps behind Bif that then maybe they will know what life is all about, and calls them 'trust fund fairies'. Irritated, Chad calls him a pauper.

Bif agrees that the best man always wins--himself. He then adds that after he wins, Jimmy can clean his shoes.

The boxing match begins, and after Jimmy beats Bif, Dishonorable Fight begins automatically.

Video Walkthrough

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 26 Boxing Challenge part 105:53

HD Bully Scholarship Edition 26 Boxing Challenge part 1

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