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The Boys' Dorm is the male dorm at Bullworth Academy in Bully.

Boys Dorm

The Boys' dorm exterior.

Location Summary

The Boys' Dorm is located to the left of the main gates. Despite an overwhelmingly larger ratio of male students to female students at the school, the Boys' Dorm is significantly smaller than the Girls' Dorm. The dorm is very filthy and often vandalized. Rats can be seen roaming through it. The dorm has a common room that includes a sofa, a T.V. (that only displays static save for the opening cut scene of Defend Bucky), a Beam Cola machine, a Future Street Racer arcade console, and a poker table. Additionally, the dorm has a water fountain, two fire alarms, a fire extinguisher, and two notice boards.

Bathroom 2

Jimmy using the sink in the beta Boy's Dorm bathroom.

Possible boys dorm bathroom

An old game screenshot in what may have been a Boys' Dorm bathroom.

The dorm does not have a bathroom though old screenshots from the game suggest it may have had one in an earlier version of the game.

Bullies, Nerds, and Non-Clique students are often seen wandering in the dorm. Students from other cliques can be seen on occasion as well, though uncommon. Unlike the Girls' Dorm, the Boys' Dorm has no authority patrolling it. As a result, bullying and fighting are common occurrences inside the dorm.

Jimmy Hopkins is the only student to have his own room though the other rooms cannot be entered. If their doors open when a student enters, beds can be seen.
Dorm fight

Nerds and a Bully fighting in one of the dorm rooms.

Originally, the Boys' Dorm was meant to have two stories. If the player stands far away enough from the dorm, the original two story model can be seen. The game also originally meant for the Boys' Dorm's doors to close at midnight, causing the player to have to sneak into it via a window. Constantinos is heard referencing the dorm's second story in his dialogue.

Sheldon and Pedro were meant to spawn in the dorm as well though this mechanic was later removed. However, their pajama models still exist in the game files. Due to a glitch, Angie can also occasionally spawn in the dorm.

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