"I wish I could find the 'one', y'know?"


Cute, nice, genuine, etc. She is friendly to everyone. Even if a bit shy at that, Michael calls her a nice little sweetheart. She is a firm follower of the rules different from her boyfriend, Michael who is ready to break free and break some rules. Though at very rare times her daring, independant side shows through she keeps it bottled up inside. Known by many as one of the best looking girls at the school she is also quite possibly one of the smartest.

When yelled at or berated she often breaks down and becomes guilt stricken and panicked.

Bradi is thankful that nobody recognizes her, or seems to care, based on the fact that she's the daughter of two famous actors. To her she'd much rather be seen for the person she is, as opposed to the fame that surrounds her family. She also feels like there's a certain expectation of her, being that she lives in the shadow of her parents.


Standing at 5'5" 121 pounds with a very petite build she is considered to be very pretty and has blond hair. She has light green eyes and Michael often comments on her pale skin color, calling her "whitey" or "sour cream". Usually she wears the standard Bullworth attire for girls but outside of school she prefers ripped jeans, and other clothes.


Bradi was born in Los Santos to two highly influential Vinewood actors. Recently her parents were contacted to both star in a film overseas and needed to drop their daughter off somewhere to continue her schooling. That's when her parents discovered Bullworth. The following week they casted her away.

At first it was thought that Bradi was a Prep girl, but Bradi found their treatment of others to be appalling and soon quit dealing with them, but she kept a good friendship with Parker and the two even dated for a short time before clique drama occurred and Parker was forced to dump Bradi lest he face the wrath of the Harringtons'.

Shortly after their breakup she befriended Greg Ryder. She found his rebellious nature both frightening, but also enlightening. One night she was invited to egg Tad's house and that's where she met Michael Jones and after a close encounter with the cops, one that would see Michael getting arrested and her forking over the money for his subsequent release. Bradi found Michael to be both unpredictable, but also incredibly charming, and despite her best efforts to ignore him she gave into her own averse and the two started dating from then on.

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