"Sometimes it feels wrong, even if you say it's right." -Brandon Licon. Brandon is a member of Devin's Crew


Brandon is really a nice kid, though misguided by the teachings of Devin Whaley. Brandon thought that being a member of Devin's group would propel him into school wide fame. He only bullies if the others in his clique are watching and he regrets it. Still Brandon is seemingly overconfident due to his athleticism and does think that those he bullied had it coming because they were weaker.


Brandon stands at 6'0", and weighs 179 pounds, he has broad shoulders and is rather athletically built. He has short light brown hair and pale blue eyes, and is of German descent. Compared to the rest of his clique he dresses with more respect to the school uniform.


Brandon was raised by rich, filmmaker parents. He was raised in Los Santos and was sent to Bullworth because his parents left the U.S. to film and sent him to live with his uncle to attend the Academy. Brandon was always mocked and made fun, so when he joined Devin's Crew he thought that was the path to being cool, as he considered it.

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