Brandon Licon is a Prep.


A nice kid, though misguided by the issues many face due to his fathers strict values. He is seemingly a product of his fathers' Conservative values and is naive, and ignorant to the world outside his high class neighborhood. Brandon is friendly of course, but his ignorance will often times contrast with the values of others, and sees those in areas such as New Coventry, and The Industrial Park, as systemic enablers to their own ways of life, as opposed to being gridlocked by a system that is aged, and faltering.

He does believe that the system has entitled him and believes that if others simply "work hard" they will reach a level of entitlement that mirrors his own perception, despite being born into wealth and not having worked for it.

Brandon is also lazy, though claims that he "works when it counts" despite never having worked for anything at all as the prosperity his father has given to him is the very reason he's rich. Though he is generally friendlier than his fellow Preps, he is just as arrogant as they are.

He also enjoys Rugby, and Boxing and though he prefers Rugby his Boxing skills are fairly decent.


Brandon stands at 6'1", and weighs 185 pounds. He has an athletic, lean build. He has short, light brown hair and a sturdy, square face with a well defined jaw. He is considered to be attractive.

Usually he'll wear the Aquaberry sweater, with grey slacks and the newest fashionable shoes. His boxing uniform is red with the Licon family crest printed on the back.


Brandon grew up in Old Bullworth Vale and started to attend the academy in the 7th grade. He grew up as childhood friends with Derby Harrington and looked up to him, and the wealth that the Harrington family had.